Friday, April 9, 2010

Have I got a deal for you! Horn Creek Family Camp this Summer

Horn Creek: The Adventure Starts Now from Horn Creek on Vimeo.

Dearest Reepicheep friends- For the past several summers I have been a speaker at Horn Creek Family Camp.

This summer I am collaborating with Coach Chico Chiriboga (RPC Member and gifted soccer instructor) to introduce a new camp (July 4-10) to the regular Horn Creek Camp line-up. It’s the normal Horn Creek Camp week plus a 90-minute soccer camp component in the mornings with Coach Chico leading and myself assisting. I will speak in the evenings during the family gathering time. The rest of the time is totally open for family fun and free time at the beautiful Horn Creek camp. There’s hiking, fishing, swimming, water slides, horse rides, and tons of other great activities within a short drive of the camp. Also, our old friend Nathan Clark George will be one of the worship leaders!

The soccer component is primarily for children aged 3-13, but we’ll find a way for any who are interested to participate. It's not hard core, it'll be great fun for all. Chico is stellar at teaching great skills and concepts while making it a blast for all who participate.

In order to launch this new camp, Horn Creek has reduced the cost by $100 per person for this special week. PLUS, they have given Chico and I special invitation coupons worth an additional $200 off the total price. If you are interested in going, just email me or leave a comment with your email address and I will email you a coupon.

With the discounts, a family of five could attend this week of camp for around $1400!!! That’s an all-inclusive family vacation in the Sangre De Cristo mountains for $200 or less per day for your whole family. I just don’t think you’ll find a better deal anywhere.

Go to the Horn Creek site to check out details here. You'll see the special soccer camp on the first page.

The dates are July 4-10. Register soon, this is a GREAT deal and spaces are limited.

In Christ,
Pastor Tony and Coach Chico

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Perry said...

Man-o-man! I went on this "camp's" website to see what it's about - and also to the, "Vimeo." I looked at a few slides and at the "Mercy Me" slideshow. That place is really "hardcore." What a breathtaking place for a "camp." I put "camp" in quotes here, because I can't believe that location has a privately-owned camp on it - with those facilities! The area looks more like a state- or federal park location. Now, I see why the stay there is normally so steep (to me). Looks like it'd be a priviledge to be there for any reason.