Friday, April 16, 2010

Hope this guy is right...

Timo Seppa wrote an article predicting the Buffalo Sabres will elminate the Boston Bruins in the first round of the NHL playoffs and advance at least to the conference finals (they won game 1 last night). I hope he's right, as I'm sure all my readers agree.

Simply put, it’s a poor and injured offense (Boston) facing a great goaltender (Miller) on one end, and an average and improving offense (Buffalo) facing a great goaltender (Rask) on the other end. They’re similar profiles on the surface as far as strengths and weaknesses, but one gets the feeling that this year’s Sabres exude positive energy and overachievement, while this year’s Bruins exude negative energy and underachievement. Therefore, it’s hard to see this series going any more than six games.

The Sabres don’t get much respect, but then again, most people haven’t watched them that closely. Yes, Buffalo wins because of Ryan Miller, but they also win because they play really well as a team – A team that’s largely intact from last season. The Sabres stand a very good chance of making it at least as far as the Conference Finals, likely facing a much more depleted opponent in the second round.

HAT TIP: The always smiley Jon Meyers


Woody Woodward said...

But Jon is always right! So why does it look like he has been punished for something?

Reepicheep said...

Jon was wrong this time...Sabres lost in the first round.

Ole' Jon is so crotchedy looking here, don't you think?