Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No denying- it's interesting!


John D. Chitty said...

I'm with Cline in the ABC interview. In the FOXNews article from yesterday, it said that there are settlements further down, but the Chinese Evangelicals deny that this is one of those because there aren't any higher than 11,000 feet on the mountain. I want to see how this structure compares to those, before I'm ready to rule that possibility out.

But on a lighter note, Cline in the interview pointed out that it was discovered buried inside of a glacier. Did it come to light because of the glacier melting? Might we have found Noah's Ark due to global warming? Just a joke.

I'll keep watching for more developments, hopeful that one day, an Evangelical will discover something significant, go through all the proper channels of peer review for verification before making a fool of himself in the international media before being proven wrong later. That's how the fraud hawkers do it.

Woody Woodward said...

Having read the later post first, “Elaborate Hoax!” I must confess I was very disappointed.