Friday, April 16, 2010

Very Generous....with other people's money

The Obama's made $5.5 million last year (mostly due to book sales) and gave $329,000 to charities. So, they gave 5.9 % of their income to charity.

The Biden's made $333,000 last year (which is hard to believe) and gave a paltry $4,820 to charities. So, they gave 1.44% of their income to charity.

A few observations:

1. Neither family is very generous.

2. If people think the Obama's are generous for giving 5.9% of their income to charity, it reveals how pathetic our view of generosity has become.

3. It is amazing how generous these two are with taxpayer's money but not with their own.


Rick Calohan said...

Maybe because all they had left was change ; )

The irony of all this is that we know what they made and how much they paid and how much they gave. When I worked at IRS we could be terminated if we breached the privacy of an individual's tax return.

I won't make comparisons but it seems I will say that neither of these men have heard nor read about of tithes, gifts, and offerings. BTW: 10% as a maximum should be the most that any government can voluntarily confiscate from an individual.

Brother Titus said...

I've said for the last number of years that anyone can look like a hero when he's spending somebody else's money.

Jim said...

Reep -

If the dollar figures in your post are correct, then the Bidens donated 1.4% of their income to charity, not 1.9%.

On average, Americans donated 1.66% of their aggregate income in 2008 (see p. 4 of the Frazer Institute report here,

Whether you want to consider it generous or not, the Obamas nonetheless did donate over three and a half times more of their income, as a percentage, than the average American donated. If most American emulated even the Obama's figure, there'd be billions of more dollar pouring into U.S. charities.

Rick - Joseph confiscated 20% from folks in Egypt (Gn 41.34), which became a permanent policy, at Joseph's instigation (Gn 47.42).

Reepicheep said...

Doh! My bad Jim. You are right. It's 1.44% the Biden's so generously parted with.

Yes, I understand that Obama was above average in giving to charity. This shows how sad things are in our day.

Add to this, however, his philosophy of taxation and entitlement giving, it just irks me so bad how generous he is in that regard but will not give more of his own money. He's so compassionate many of my lib friends say? Really? How so?

He lives in a house rent free, travels for free, has virtually no expenses in 2009, rakes in $5.5 million and can only cough up $300K? Wow.

Woody Woodward said...

Greed and selfishness, then take from us and give it to those who won’t work.