Friday, April 2, 2010

Wow. What do you say about something like this? (was it an April Fool's joke?)

People voted for this guy! Please note his logic for why we shouldn't put more troops on Guam. He can't be serious?


Anonymous said...

What state is he from? Why is he on any legislative committee...much more on a committee that deals with military matters? If the people of his state don't vote him out after that nonsense, they deserve him; but, that state would be in really sad shape if those constituents elected that official again, after this Youtube display. What a tragic embarrassment that guy is! Besides, everybody knows that a small island can't tip over unless the island has a very large population and all the people move over to one side, or the other, at the same time; but, to get everyone on an island to do that would probably be impossible, especially if the people are already aware that an island can tip over like that, when people migrate like that.

Swilliams said...

Yes, he was serious. It was not an April's Fool joke. Rush clarified yesterday that this Congressman has advanced Hepatitus C and is terminal and that Pelosi keeps him on committees, etc. to make him feel good. But he is loony tunes and he votes on legislation, amongst other things, that affects this country. He is a member of Congress making laws!!!!

In my opinion he clearly lacks capacity to execute a legal document or likely do much else. The Admiral obviously is holding it together. When will someone in high office have the backbone to confront this level of incompetence? Are people so afraid of being called a racist that they continue to humor these idiots?


p.s. Have you seen the video of Maxine Waters talking about those vulgar Tea Partiers who were laughing, having a good time, and waving a flag - they were so vulgar and outrageous!

Woody Woodward said...

This was hard to believe, maybe an April fool’s joke? Did this dude just wake up from a long winters nap or maybe he has been taking too many stupid pills? Tipping over a country? And these idiots are in congress?

Anonymous said...

I went on this guy's Wikipedia site; and, it claims he's lawyer(maybe not practicing), was a court judge, that he's had Hepatitis C for over 10 years, but is now free of the disease (I'd question that.); and, he's a Buddhist.

Anonymous said...

With a front man like Hank Johnson in the Democrat fold, it made me wonder how the Dems got enough competent votes to pass their healthcare fiasco and hand that mess to the president for signing. Hmmmm. Then, I realized that the way healthcare bill passed weeks ago was because Hank Johnson is the "everyman" Democrat in the federal legislature today.

jeff said...

"least widest"??

I'm speechless.