Sunday, April 18, 2010

You blew it Iceland

I confess to knowing very little about Iceland. I do have a "Man vs Wild" DVD where Bear Grylls survives in some part of Iceland for a couple days.

Now we all know something about Iceland. They have a very angry volcano that is making life difficult for all of Europe. Three Redeemer members are on a mission trip to Moldova where they are now stuck until the smoke clears and Air Moldova can carry them to Frankfurt and back to the States. One of those stranded mission team members is "Woody", who posts comments almost daily on this blog.

I could be wrong, but besides this volcano currently erupting, there's not much to say about Iceland, is there? It seems like a generally boring place. Oh, I do remember a reference to Iceland in "Dumb and Dumber"- an endangered Icelandic Snow Owl was accidentally killed by Lloyd when uncorking a bottle of champagne at a benefit for the preservation of it's kind. Also, I heard on a news report there are only 330,000 residents of Iceland and it's hideously cold there all the time, hence ICEland. Clever.

OK, here's the thing Iceland- you don't have much going for you, let's just be honest. One thing you do have going for you are some amazing natural wonders, including this volcano that's reeking so much havoc and drawing world attention upon you. So, I have to ask- What's up with the ridiculous name you gave the volcano? What kind of Norse whiskey was someone drinking when they decided to call a volcano Eyjafjallajökull?

Seriously Iceland- you blew this one.


Penner said...

here is a some help saying the word

Rick Calohan said...

One thing is for sure Al Gore cannot blame man for the CO2 being belched into the atmosphere by this God made volcano. Oh wait... Al Gore will probably blame man for the Volcano errupting. Or say that it was God preventing more CO2 from being released into the atmosphere by grounding all the flights out of Europe.

Speaking of Woody with his love of chick flics there was movie made in 2005 The Girl in Cafe that featured a G20 conference in Iceland. And it was in Iceland that Reagan took his stand on SDI that would eventually lead to the START talks and the collapse of the Soviet Union, where Woody's team is now at to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Divine Providence you gotta love it!

Brother Titus said...

What I'd learned in school as a kid about this was that Iceland has green and Greenland has ice. Vikings settled in Iceland. Indeed, Wikipedia says that Iceland has a temperate climate, because of the gulf stream; and, Greenland has Eskimos and an official coat-of-arms with a polar bear on it. Maybe I'll read more later.

Next time your congregant, Woody, goes on a mission trip, you'll have to suggest to him to take a laptop, Twitter, or cell phone with Internet, etc., to keep in touch, if it won't be too much of a distraction for him. In a situation like he's in, it would be great to have updates (or posted here from Twitter) from him.

Brother Titus said...

One more thing, and all kidding assumed. I just read from your Twitter tweets here that your one son is going to compete as maybe the first Felich in a track event. But, I've also read here before that the Felich side of your family is Sicilian. And, didn't your parents move from Grand Island, NEW YORK? Hopefully your son has the legs and the lungs of some of your ancestors. Enough said. Funny. All in good humor. I hope your son wins many races.

Zach said...

Actually, the medieval Icelandic Commonwealth is renowned among conservatives with a libertarian bent for its pure free markets -- almost approaching a state of anarcho-capitalism. David Friedman, son of Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman has written much on the topic:

"[M]edieval Icelandic institutions. . . might almost have been invented by a mad economist to test the lengths to which market systems could supplant government in its most fundamental functions. Killing was a civil offense resulting in a fine paid to the survivors of the victim. Laws were made by a "parliament," seats in which were a marketable commodity. Enforcement of law was entirely a private affair. And yet these extraordinary institutions survived for over three hundred years, and the society in which they survived appears to have been in many ways an attractive one . Its citizens were, by medieval standards, free; differences in status based on rank or sex were relatively small; and its literary, output in relation to its size has been compared, with some justice, to that of Athens." (

So, you know, about a thousand years ago, Iceland was pretty cool.