Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Garden-three passions combined

I just finished planting my tomatoes tonight. I'm a couple weeks behind, but the crop should be fine.

I am trying something different this year. Instead of buying plants from a local nursery, all my plants were grown by my father in his garage and mini-greenhouse. Not one plant that you see was bought. In fact, the seeds my father uses are supposedly from the "old country". The breed of tomato is known only as "Italian". There are also some "Polish" tomatoes mixed in. We'll see what happens...
The observant viewer may have noticed what I use for stakes. Yep, those are arrow shafts. This one in particular is special and I expect great things from the plant it is staking. It is one of the arrows I used to harvest a fat doe last November. It has dried blood on it. Pretty cool if you ask me. Farmer Brown I am not...Farmer Killa, yeah, that's me.

You will also notice the stones that surround my garden to keep out the rabbits. They are left over from the Redeemer Sanctuary construction. All three of my passions are combined in the garden- Redeemer, tomatoes, and hunting.

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Woody Woodward said...

Man Tony, you sure got them tomatoes spread way apart! Daniel Apostu told me no further than 16!" He swears by the fact that being close together keeps to blossoms secure by supporting each other. I probably went way overboard this year in my garden. I have a plot 16 x 8 with 16 tomato plants and 16 pepper plants and 2 cucumbers. I will find out if Daniel theory works in America.