Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Papi watch

Is it wrong for me to enjoy watching the Boston Red Sox stumble around so far this season? Further, is it extra wrong for me to relish the demise of Big Papi since we learned of his past steroid usage last season? OK, don't answer those questions. Leave me be.

The $13 million dollar a season DH, David Ortiz, has played 24 of Boston's 35 games batting a paltry .200, hitting a measley 4 home runs. Again, that's $13 million in 2010 to bat .200.

I hope MLB contracts now have performance enhancing drug escape clauses. It seems like most players, after they are caught taking PED's, plummet in production (a reality that would probably shock Mark McGwire, who didn't really need the roids to hit all his home runs). It's not fair that a club signs a guy to a huge contract when he's roiding, then is stuck paying the big bucks after he's caught, presumably quits juicing, and returns to human statistics or worse. The Yanks dealt most obviously with this in the case of Jason Giambi. They locked him in to a marathon 5 year deal at $20 million per year based on his Oakland numbers. Once in NY, he was only a decent home run hitter with a below .250 BA. Horrible numbers for $20 million a year. Manny Ramirez in L.A. is another case. He got a $25 million contract with LA based on his Boston Roid Sox production. He had a torrid 2008 playoff with LA (while using PED's), then plunged to earth in the middle of last season (after his steroid suspension) and is a relative non factor thus far this season- for $25 million. Now we have Big Papi in Boston doing his post-steroid thing with no signs of coming out of this "slump".

At any rate, it's thrilling to see Boston fight to stay above .500. I'm just giddy!


Rick Calohan said...

While “giddy” is perhaps the correct emotion, may I remind you what the Yankee great Yogi Berra said, “It ain't over till it's over.”

Woody Woodward said...

In my own opinion, most Professional sports people totally disgusts me. For the most part these guys are just way over paid thugs who could care less about fans and care even less about being a positive role model to the youngsters.
I would like to take some of these overpaid, thoughtless, ego seeking, money grabbing, self-worshiping, self-seeking “hero’s” with me to Russia. I would introduce them to some real hero’s. Those who refused to compromise their moral values, those who have been imprisoned because of who they STOOD UP FOR, those brave men and women that serve Christ without regards for their own safety. Thos who joyfully grow their own food then give it freely so that others less fortunate can feed their families.