Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cal Thomas on Obama's Partisanship

Cal Thomas c0-wrote the book pictured above attempting to help facilitate real debate and discussion between people with differing political views and party affiliations. In an article written for World Magazine, Thomas argues President Obama used "common ground" rhetoric to get elected but has been completely partisan since taking office virtually squelching any form of legitimate input from people with differing viewpoints. Read the article here.

Two quotes from Thomas-

Part of the reason for the intense dislike of this president by some on the right is their belief that he used a longing among the public for civil discourse to get elected, but then quickly abandoned that laudable goal in pursuit of what is arguably the most radical left agenda in the history of our nation.

The president talks a great game about civility, the corrosive language of politics, and the self-absorbed media that promotes conflict, not solutions. But President Obama’s policies and behavior and the people who populate his administration suggest he isn’t serious. Many in his administration are radical leftists.


Rick Calohan said...

My opposition to the President is not personal it is his infanticide stances and socialistic agenda that oppose. For anyone to think that this President is a centrist or not a liberal clearly indicates that person is incapable of thinking.

PS: Did I mention he has yet to show his college transcripts, student loan documents, scholarships, or anything to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that is he is a natural born US Citizen? Did I also mention he is also a Muslim apostate, and he is not using his legal name of Barry Soetoro?

Woody Woodward said...

I can’t figure Cal Thomas? I don’t know if he is sincere in standing for truth or just selling borrowed thoughts to anyone who will listen? I was very disappointed in Thomas when he was telling Dobson to give up on trying to push the issued on the marriage amendment. Thomas was saying to Dobson, “Give up! It’s a dead issue and you are just wasting time and other people’s money.” He has some good thoughts, but wonder if they are his own? But he sounds like he got this one right on!

Swilliams said...

I wonder why Cal Thomas partnered with the corpulent complainer, Beckel. The same Bob Beckel who paid a prostitute with a rubber check and said "lady of the night" took him to court over the involuntary "freebie" thus exposing his more prurient leanings, besides his leftism that is. I can't look at the guy without thinking of this.

Anyway, a real expose of the radical agenda of Barry Soetero, as well as the unsavory facts of his history and that of his allies can be found in Aaron Klein's new book, "The Manchurian President." I reviewed it for Smart Girl Politics and got Mr. Klein's blessing, link here:

We are being attacked on all fronts by the Left. I say keep up the partisan politics - the Dems never saw it coming from grass roots Americans. The biggest struggle in partisan politics is how to force the Republicans to honor their conservative base.

If we do not take our country back in November 2010 we may be truly lost.

Reepicheep said...

Good points about Thomas.

I really don't know what to think of him. His points here about Obama are good.