Thursday, May 27, 2010

No question- Go Hawks!

The most difficult playoff format in professional sports is the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the National Hockey League. The brutality of the game coupled with the amount of games that must be played in a short time makes pursuing the Stanley Cup one of the most trying feats in all team sports.

The championship round starts Saturday night in the windy city.

Chicago is my pick to lift Lord Stanley's Cup.
I hate the Flyers.

Buffalo native Patrick Kane leads the Hawks


Andrew B. said...

And God's People said, "Amen!"

jeff said...

For once, I am agreeing with you on your pick. I despise the Flyers. Despise.

Boyd said...

Hey Tony - We met at Oak Hills after the service last Sunday. I'm also a big NHL fan. My team? Yep. The Broadstreet Bullies. Heh heh. Hope ya don't hold it against me. It's gonna be fun! Ya gotta love hockey, eh?

Reepicheep said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear that Boyd. Not sure this is something we can get over...

You and Tom Hamilton are Philly boys?

Danny Briere is a solid player, but I can't bring myself to like the Flyers.

Boyd said...

No, Tom's the Philly boy; I'm K.C. all the way ... just always loved the Flyers ever since I watched Bobby Clarke/Dave Schultz ages ago. This is a great cup final because no matter who wins, it'll be a team that's been due for a long time.

Prairie Village said...

you've got to remember Boyd...Tony's hometown has not had many moments of sports relevance...and one of the few it did ended in Flyers glory...had to have had a strong impact on the young man.

Reepicheep said...

"not many moments of sports relevance"?

Are you serious? Beleaugured and snake-bit for sure, but not many moments of sports relevance?

2 Cup finals, one lost because Brett Hull cheated...

4 AFC lost because a guy kicked a ball wide right that my 7 year old could have made.

Greatest comeback in NFL history vs Houston

And of course, the final nail in your overstated coffin-
The Buffal Bandits, FOUR TIME National Lacrosse League Champions...and counting!!!

Boyd said...

@Tom (PV) - Let the smack begin ... !

@Tony - Ok, now I understand your hatred of the Flyers ... btw loved that clip of Game 3 in the fog vs. Sabres.

@Tony2 - Don't forget O.J.'s car chase, I mean 2003 yard season. Heh heh.