Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reepicheep poll: Who's fault is the oil spill?

As you know by now there is a massive oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. Millions of gallons of crude oil have come from the open well on the sea floor. The effects of this spill on wildlife and gulf states economy will be staggering.

So who's to blame? Cast your vote on the side bar. I have listed the most likely villains.

Is it British Petroleum who owns and operates the well?

Is it N.T. Wright, the controversial theologian who seems to be blamed for any and all doctrinal departures in the reformed world?

Is it the U.S. Government which now basically has it's hands in the auto industry, banks, health care system, and education loan operations, etc.?

Is it former President George Bush who is still the favorite scapegoat of the current president as well as most democratic members of congress?

Is it President Obama who seems to have passed from his chosen one status to a more reasonable level of humanness?

Who do you think is responsible for the spill?


Andrew B. said...

Wow, nice poll!

Reepicheep said...

EXTREMELY scientific.

Rick Calohan said...

The North Koreans who launched a suicide submarine attack, but you won't read about that in any paper now will you.

Roger Mann said...

Definitely Obama -- it's part of his dark, socialist/fascist, anti-American conspiracy to destroy capitalism and assume total dictatorial control, first over our country and then over the entire world! :-) Or it was just an innocent accident under God's absolute providential control over all things. But the first one would make a better political/thriller novel or movie (plus, it just feels good to blame everything on Obama after eight years of Bush why not?)

Brother Titus said...

While this poll isn't "scientific" by any stretch, it's always good to see what others think about issues. Funny that you added Obama's favorite scapegoat. But, it's always maddening to me when certain "clowns" having opportunities to take polls are reckless with their choices.

jeff said... Rick serious?

Rick Calohan said...


The truth is out there if you are willing to believe. Remember they just sunk a South Korean Navy ship off the waters of the DMZ, oh wait no it was an unexplained explosion. You do know that the first shots fired on December 7, 1941 was the U.S. Navy sinking a Japanese Navy sub within our territorial waters hours before the first Japanese torpedoes hit any U.S. battleships docked at Pearl Harbor that day.

I do not believe all conspiracy theories after all Oswald did act alone in assassinating President Kennedy. This North Korean theory is more plausible because Hyundai a South Korean company built the Oil Platform. Having served almost five years in Korea from 1987-1992 I do not put anything past the North Koreans.

Brother Titus said...

It's funny that this oil spill does seem to be Obama's, "Katrina;" and, yet, he's doing far, far, far less than Bush did about his Katrina. I, personally, don't think he even cares that there's a spill, nor even how much oil is spilled; and, the media sure doesn't seem to care at all that BP is pussy-footing around and not getting anything done to fix the problem. There's one thing about Obama that even the liberals know, he doesn't lead, for whatever reason.

Brother Titus said...

I misspoke on my last comment. I should've said that the media doesn't care at all that Obama is pussy-footing around and not putting pressure on BP to get anything done with respect to the oil spill. So, where is the media firestorm against Obama for his lack of leadership on this? He wants to take over Wall Street, the auto industry, student loans, the housing market, ect., ect. But, for the media it's just another ho-hum day at the office concerning Obama's lack of leadership on the oil spill. Maybe it's better to say Obama leads when he wants to. But, at other times he is the, "Absent-in-Chief."

Woody Woodward said...

I know who is 100% responsible, you should have had the choice, “All of the above!”

Brother Titus said...

Sorry to go back so far. But, I never saw anywhere, your connection of N.T. Wright to the oil spill.