Friday, May 7, 2010

A Total Cutie

I can't show her face, but trust me- she's a cutie.

OK, I confess, I'm smitten by our little foster baby girl.

I don't know how long we'll have her, but it's been over 2 months now and she was only 6 weeks old when we got her, so we're pretty attached. My boys adore her. My wife is unleashing 11 years of repressed girl-dressing desires with all manner of pink, frilly stuff, bows, and barrettes.

I have three boys. Sad to say it's hard to remember them as babies. It's been 7 years since my youngest was this little. I don't think there's too much difference between baby boys and baby girls at this age, but she is a little snuggler, more so than I remember my sons being. She came to us initially with some injuries and wasn't too happy for several weeks. Now she's smiling more, "talking" to us, and doing all sorts of neat stuff developing babies do. In the above picture I'm telling her how fun turkey hunting is. I think she agrees and looks forward to being bigger and more coordinated so she can hold a 20-guage.

Like I said, I don't know what our future is with this precious little one, but we'll enjoy it for as long as she is given to our care.


Woody Woodward said...

What a testimony! Each Lord’s Day, as Shari enters the sanctuary, holding this precious gift from God, she is usually accompanied with ever guarding, extremely protective by Gordon. I love to watch folks expressions as they gather around for a glimpse. Everyone in the congregation admires what your entire family has committed themselves to. (ADMIRE? There must be a stronger more appropriate word I can use? But for the life of me, I am feeling a bit empty, expressing what all of us truly feel?)
I think back on all the years I have followed Christ. Almost humored now by all the plastic preachers I have known, and at one time, looked up to and greatly revered. How refreshing it is to be part of Redeemer, witnessing and watching our 3 pastors and their families, observing our elders, deacons and their familes, live and grow together in unity and in Christ’s oneness. For as if no one is looking they live every second for Christ, in all of His abundance. And they also live for each other, like no one is watching…. These are testimonies that last, these are leaders that make a difference, these are memories that encourage us all to look to Christ, pray for our pastors, elders and deacons and all their families. Running the race with endurance, keeping our eyes fixed on the author and perfector of our faith, for the joy that has been set before us, seems to be much easier to understand at Redeemer.

Rick Calohan said...

Praise God for you and Shari’s care of this precious child and your boys acceptance and adoration for her. Your actions have demonstrated to your flock and readers the Covenantal aspects of the Reform faith in particular albeit not yet but if it be His will adoption of this child. Keeping you and yours in prayer that His will be done.

The Westminster Confession of Faith (1647)Chapter XII.
Of Adoption.

All those that are justified, God vouchsafeth, in and for His only Son Jesus Christ, to make partakers of the grace of adoption:(a) by which they are taken into the number, and enjoy the liberties and privileges of the children of God,(b) have His name put upon them,(c) receive the spirit of adoption,(d) have access to the throne of grace with boldness,(e) are enabled to cry, Abba, Father,(f) are pitied,(g) protected,(h) provided for,(i) and chastened by Him as by a Father;(k) yet never cast off,(l) but sealed to the day of redemption,(m) and inherit the promises,(n) as heirs of everlasting salvation.(o)

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jeff said...

As a father of 3 boys, and THEN a daughter, I can totally understand your wife's enjoyment of frills & bows. My wife went NUTS with girl stuff. Even Breelagh's (my daughter) socks are frilly. Her onesies are frilly. Her diapers are pink. There's girl stuff everywhere. It's like my wife has had this inner being waiting to be released. It's been almost 11 months now, and there's no end in sight!

I have to say, I noticed a difference in the way that I related to my daughter compared to my sons right from day 1. She even feels different when I hold her. She does snuggle more, and she "talks" more. The best thing is, she has a special "Daddy" smile that only I get. It's awesome! I'm just not looking forward to the adolescent hormones. But I am looking forward to having her as a hunting partner too!

May God richly bless you, Shari, and the boys as you have willingly opened your home to this little pink bundle!

Zach said...

Exciting stuff, Tony. All the best as y'all bless and are blessed.

Brother Titus said...

Question. Why don't you pray about adopting this one? My mother's cousin and her husband were foster parents for a number of years. Finally, a baby boy came a long who they couldn't live without. So, they adopted him. Financially, you're already spending money on her. So, it's not like she's a strain on the family resources. Otherwise, you wouldn't be foster parents in the first place.

Reepicheep said...

We are indeed praying about adopting her. We'd take her in a second. At the same time we have to maintain our focus on providing a safe, warm, nurturing home for her while the courts wrestle over legal issues concerning her birth parents. It's pretty complex in that arena, that's all I can say.

We've sensed God calling us to adopt a child for years. We think foster parenting is a great way to eventually adopt, but it's also a wonderful mercy ministry even if we don't.

We would sincerely appreciate your prayers for us regarding this. I'll keep you updated.

Brenda said...