Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You better believe you're responsible!

OK, I admit to being a bit testy lately as I've been putting in some long hours (installing surveillance cameras to keep an eye on Brian has taken longer than I expected) in preparation to leave for a 12-week sabbatical primarily for study,research, writing, with a little bit of vacation time. Maybe my stress level heightened my reaction earlier this afternoon when I saw this sign on the back of a dump truck-

Seriously dude? You're carrying a couple tons of rocks that are spraying all over the highway scratching, denting, and breaking stuff and you think slapping a sign that says "not responsible" covers you? Come on. This can't be legal. What a joke. Stay back 200 feet? Even with my 20/10 vision I have to get within 100 feet to read your lame sign.


Perry said...

So, for those of us who don't go to Redeemer and aren't privy to any of your plans, what does your going on a 12-week sabbatical mean in terms of you keeping up with your blog?

Reepicheep said...

Perry, I'll be keeping up my blog for sure. Basically I'll be keeping regular day hours, but not at church, instead at the library. I'll also be in Colorado with the same schedule (only with better scenery) for the month of July and first week of August. Thanks for asking.

Woody Woodward said...

That’s a big word, "responsible." I find a calming peace, knowing as I grow in age and in my walk with the Lord, how precious and deep the meaning of that word is. Being “responsible” is never temporary, it is a life-long challenge in every area of life. I used to try and play the role of what I thought a loving husband, father, grandfather, trustworthy and caring friend, fearless believer should be. But now my goal in life is much simpler. Striving only to please the Lord, stand for truth at all costs, being responsible has become a daily thrill, no long a heavy-hearted, self-inflected burden. I think I am finally starting to understand and benefit from the triumphant call Jesus gave to His disciples in John 10:10.