Thursday, June 17, 2010

A doe and her fawn- dogs and cats beware!

This is cool. Warning: the lady drops an "S" bomb.

HT: Nathan


jeff said...

I cannot tell you HOW disappointed I am that the doe did not fully lay the smack down on that cat. I was waiting for it, only to be let down when she attacked the dog instead.

Chris Barnes said...

Here is a link to the original poster of that video. Includes a detailed explanation of the situation.

Perry said...

That was really cute before and after the doe wholloped that dog. I could've watched more of that video if there was more. That first house in the background of the video, is that you're house, pastor? I bet you could find a great place for a mancave in there.

Woody Woodward said...

I agree with Jeff, the poor innocent dog got the "doe" stomped out of him and the stupid cat gets away! Bummmmmmer!
Good thing no children were around. But “racks” off to the doe for protecting her fawn. Makes me fond of mothers who are willing to take such drastic measures. Moral of this story is: stay clear of deer when the fawn in near, so steer to the rear and you’ll have no fear.