Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Few 2010 Katy Trail Highlights

Finished! 247.5 miles total

Highest elavation..near Windsor, MO

Big Burr Oak Tree (on left) near Columbia

Need a rest

Had to get a fallen rock out of our way...

Brian heading out...

Brian and I got dropped off in St. Charles, MO on Sunday night by his wife and road the entire length of the Katy Trail (and then some) over the next few days. My wife picked us up this evening in Clinton, MO at the end of the trail.

We had originally planned to bike from Clinton on the roads back to Olathe, but we had too much gear, the wrong kind of bikes, and were facing some bad weather.

At any rate, we are elated to have finished riding 247.5 miles over the course of 3 1/4 days (19.5 total hours on our bikes).


Dowell Taggart Team said...

That is pretty cool. I've been thinking of a ride on the Katy Trail.

Woody Woodward said...

I take my hat off to you two brave warriors! That's something to be proud of. I am sure you and Brian has some great laughter and some precious time for fellowship. I exercised once, but the experience was painful and way over-rated. Besides, I am almost 62 and still have all my original knees and hips. Glad you made it back safe.

Perry said...

Nice job. I hope you have a recliner in your mancave at home, though even sitting on a staircase is better than what you've been sitting on the last few days.