Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Greatest World Cup Goal Ever

As I watched Argentina play Greece today I noticed my boys chuckling at the portly Argentine coach celebrating wildly after a goal.

Nico said while giggling, "who's that chubby guy"? After realizing he wasn't referring to me, it struck me that he just called Diego Maradona chubby. That's not acceptable.

It's true, since his playing days Maradona has battled the bulge (I feel his pain), not to mention a host of other personal problems, but I couldn't let my boys disrespect the second greatest soccer player of all time (Pele is the first). I told my boys of what you are about to see below.

In 1986 Maradona, almost single-handed (there's a story there, ask the English), won the World Cup for Argentina. This goal below is widely considered the greatest World cup goal ever. The Spanish version audio is better, but the video quality of this clip is the best I've seen. I remember watching the goal like it was yesterday.


I told my boys, "We don't call Diego chubby any more...capeesh?"

Here's the Spanish version I alluded to:


Anonymous said...

nice shorts .............

Woody Woodward said...

I must confess, I know little about the sport. And I know that Soccer isn’t the same game as Rugby, but in watching “Invictus” the other night, I did learn to appreciate the absolute brutality of the sport of Rugby! Not for faint of heart! Pastor, did you see the movie? Like to know your thoughts on Nelson Mandela? No doubt he is a great peace maker but I was bumbed out at his “universalism” theology.

Zach said...

I've long heard about that goal but have never taken the time to look for the video, so thanks for providing. I confess to being a bit underwhelmed, but that's probably a function of my ignorance. Can you explain what makes it so legendary?

It seemed to me that the pre-goal fancy footwork (done at breakneck speed) was more impressive than the final kick into the net, but maybe that's considered part of the goal. I expected to see Maradona flying through the air and smoking the ball into the upper corner of the net from 30 feet.

Reepicheep said...

Zach, I can live with your Protestant-bashing ways (of course, I do no bashing myself), but such a disrespectful comment about St. Diego is way of limits!!! If you cannot see the greatness in effectively outrunning and out maneuvering 8 different defenders (albeit English defenders), then slotting a shot past a sprawling goalie...what can I do to open your eyes?

I do like long tracer shots too though, for the record.

Zach said...

I come to you on my knees -- in a true spirit of docility -- humbly seeking your guidance, and this is how you repay me? Verily, this is the lowest form of treachery -- the kind that knows no name because men fear to even speak of it.