Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sabbatical, Soccer Camp, World Cup...

I'm in the fifth week of my study sabbatical and making excellent progress on my studies. I'm a bit overloaded with John Calvin reading and writing, but it's all tremendous stuff. As I sit in the library reading and typing, I sneak peaks at the World Cup games on Huge upset a minute ago as heavily favored Spain lost their first group game against Switzerland! Calvin would lament the spiritual condition of Switzerland, but I bet he'd be happy with the progress of the Swiss soccer team.

Before heading to the library this morning I dropped my boys off at soccer camp which runs this whole week from 9-noon. They wanted to paint their hair the color of the team they are on at Camp. Nico and AJ are Brazil. Jordan is England. Fun times.

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Woody Woodward said...

Now talking about “Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity!” No bloviating here for sure! At-a-boy AJ, Nico and Gordon but no facial jewelry please.