Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thoughts on the "Sacred Swoon"

Don't shoot the re-blogger (me) on this post.

My preference for worship style is liturgical with weekly communion being an important component. You can see my basic worship philosophy embodied by our church leadership on the Redeemer website.

While I am unashamedly committed to our form of worship, I am not suggesting "our way" is the only way. I have worshipped in many different churches with varying styles and was blessed in so doing. I think our way is the best way, but not the only way. Everyone in charge of ordering a worship service, no matter what the style, thinks their way is best, or they wouldn't (shouldn't) organize it like they do. That's different from saying it's the only way. Further, I recognize a diversity among God's people and debates about worship style weary me, so don't try to start one here.

Having said that, I ran across a post that got me thinking about modern worship. Have you heard of the "sacred swoon"? That's a description given to a large segment of modern worship. The above picture depicts the sacred swoon. Anyways, the post below argues that much of modern worship has been shaped by the feminization of the evangelical church.

I think the guy has a point...but again, don't shoot the re-blogger.


Rick Calohan said...

I am just not a fan of the contemporary worship service, but I would not say to those who are you are less of a Christian or your church has been feminized. It is more likely that your church is either non-denominational or charismatic. At the same time the Divine Covenant Service with traditional liturgy at Redeemer, complete with kneelers and with weekly communion, may come across as Roman Catholic to new visitors. However even if Redeemer were to go contemporary with it’s worship with the aesthetics aside, it is Redeemer’s commitment to the study of the Word of God with expository preaching as oppose to some 20 minute homily about the latest social trend or current holiday weekend, that should make the visitor feel not like a stranger but right at home.

Perry said...

Sometimes, if the word "sacred" is put in front of another word, that's a good way to keep from calling the second word after it what it really is, which is, "mischief."

Woody Woodward said...

I will never forget, back in 83, going to a Marylyn Hickey gathering. She had us all gather around in a circle, and then going through her self-proclaimed motions, in order to “receiving baptism of the Holy Spirit”. I did it but didn’t receive it. For me this was almost embarrassing, “wood hey and stubble!” Like you, not criticizing others for their style of worship, but always said, “A gift ceases to be a gift when it has to be recruited.”

S. Baker said...

Thanks for the link to my post! Your readers can feel free to shoot me, if they like.

-Stephen Baker

Perry said...

I guess you didn't like my comments on the "sacred" swoon.

Jan said...

Shoot the re-blogger? No way. This guy is right on the money!