Monday, June 21, 2010

Whether documented or not? WOW

I don't know what you think about all the immigration debate, but this is scary reasoning coming from the President's Secretary of Labor!!!


Michael Lockridge said...

On this matter I am not sure I find a problem. If you remove the leverage an employer might have dealing wrongly with undocumented workers- refusing pay, demanding favors, etc.- you reduce their power to abuse other human beings. It is this power that at least in part causes employers to promote the illegal worker market through bad hiring practices.

Granted, it does not solve the problem of illegal entries. However, I would contend that such is another issue. A related issue, but different.


Rick Calohan said...

Gee last name Solis “documented or not” now before people go off on me, my wife’s paternal grandmother’s name was Solis, that said “documented or not.” OK, if your not documented I guess if you are willing to be deported come forward and report the employer who is only paying you $5 an hour as oppose to the $5 a day you would earn in Mexico. Well, one if you happen to be brave enough to come out of the shadows, the most they will do is give you parole status until the case comes to trial, then you can find time to meet a U.S. Citizen fall in love, adjust your status, have a child or two, and then because they were born here if you do get deported just wait 21 years and they can sponsor you to come back into this country or just pay the $1,000 fee for being an (Entered Without Inspection) E.W.I. It is a joke like the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General. It is because of our open borders this continues unabated. Look I understand that if I was born near a boarder town and across the border I would get paid in an hour what would take all day, but you know people do that legally, and when you permit people to enter and work in this country illegally then give them the same rights as legal permanent residence and naturalized and derived U.S. Citizens then you are making a mockery of our judicial process. In era where we are, suppose to share intelligence among agencies it is no wonder after almost nine years after 9/11 we still do not have secure boarders. It is time to activate all the National Guard units in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to full time status, and it is time to deport illegal workers, and prosecute employers who continue to bypass American workers for cheap laborers.

Woody Woodward said...

And just when we think it can't get any worse!

Brother Titus said...

First, illegals shouldn't be getting anything from this country - except the boot! Second, Solis sounds like Karl Marx, sans the beard. What's fair for anyone? If an employer offers someone $9 an hour to work in the employer's factory, take it or not! That's what was offered. There's no way the employee - much less all the employees - can earn what the employer earns, nor should he, nor should employers put-up with shake-downs from the feds into giving employees more pay.

Unless..., this ad was geared only toward illegals, but in order to make it palatable and not arouse suspicion, it was directed at illegals and U.S. citizens, who will actually never be helped, because they're here legally.

capthk said...

I thought the point of hiring undocumented workers was so that you wouldn't have to pay them "fairly."