Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Will Android kill the Apple star?

I got my new HTC HERO phone (with Android) a couple weeks ago and loved it immediately. The touch typing was initially hard to get used to, but the speed, ease of use, multiple applications, capatability with my various Google applications, and general overall quality made me a fan right away. It runs on the Android system which is relatively new and put out by Google (and George Lucas!). Sprint needs something to compete with Apple's I-Phone, I think it may have found it with Android.

I'm only moderately techno-savvy and I'm definitely not a device/gadget fiend. Brian Hough is both of the above. He has also drunk deep of the APPLE Kool-Aid and NEVER admits any machine, device, or system may be better than Apple.

Until now...

He got a new HTC EVO that also runs on the Android platform and has seemed to admit how awesome this non-Apple phone is. The EVO is even faster than my HERO and it has a sweet camera and HD video camera as cool added features (mine has a camera, but not as nice as the EVO's) Admittedly, we both are somewhat forced in to using an Android phone due to the cheaper cost, but he concedes Android can challenge Apple.

Brian Hough endorsing a non-Apple product? Is the Apocalypse upon us?


Woody Woodward said...

I have androids all the time. Sometimes it hurts so bad I have to stand up at my desk to conduct business.

Anonymous said...

Great phone, that new one from Sprint 'rocks'. The real value-proposition versus the Apple product will be reliability and quality of application downloads (Apple is a closed system which is bad but insures one doesn't get 'foul' software downloaded onto one's phone).

Mac Geek 'Wanna Be' Here

David G.

Malcolm said...

can you make phone calls with it?

Reepicheep said...

Phone calls? hmmm...Good question. Let me check.