Saturday, July 10, 2010

AJ and Nico Summit Horn Peak

I'm happy to end my blog blackout with good news about AJ (11) and Nico's (9) climb of Horn Peak last Tuesday.

It took us 5 hours to climb the 13,450 foot Horn Peak, but we did it! I was very proud of both boys. Horn Peak is a grueling climb. The picture above is a shot I took with my phone camera. Nico was trying to find the biggest rock to stand on. AJ is just resting after a brutal climb.

Here's a picture of the boys resting about 500 feet below the summit.

I'm staying in Colorado for the next 4 weeks primarily to continue work on my studies. I will attempt to climb my first "14er" this Monday with my brother in law and some of his friends- Mt. Shavano. We'll see how that goes...


Michael Lockridge said...

Congratulations to you and both of the boys. I hope that this experience builds fond memories. Some of my most precious memories are walks with my great-grandfather and climbing mountains with my grandfather.


Anonymous said...

i started climbing fourteeners years ago with the guys then we took our kids when they were about 12. i have many memories with my son who is now 29. currently i have 27 fourteeners and will do shavano, antero, and
tabequache next summer for thirty! have done some two to three times over. been through snow, fog, rain, hail, lightning, and cold. suggestion: after a mtn climb celebrate with a pinon fire! i believe humboldt is near horn pk.... you can do that and perhaps even your kids. but you will have to backpack in ( is it colony lake?)

mtn climbing is great for setting goals, exercise, discipline, becoming a team member ( as you always climb with someone else), the love of nature, and for thanking God. at the top i always get on my knees and thank God for the blessing. the top is worth it!

Reepicheep said...

Wow, 30 14ers? That's a serious accomplishment.

I've hiked Horn Peak 3 times. I've heard Shavano isn't as grueling, and I'm cool with that! We may try to summit Tabeguache the same day, weather and energy permitting.

I may go for Humboldt next year, it's right near Horn Peak. You are right though, it's a long hike in to the trailhead, so I don't know.

Woody Woodward said...

Priceless Memories that will last through all eternity! By the way, Pastor Brian’s message on John 9 was riveting and most powerful.