Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is the pyschic power of Apple in danger?

Apple products are good, that much has to be granted. What is more impressive about Apple is the way it has managed to grip the loyalty of so many people. I'm not a computer-techno guy so I am not passionate about brands or companies. I like my stuff to work, if it doesn't, I get rid of it and replace it with something that does.

I had a Palm phone that ran on a Microsoft Windows platform and it was horrible. My Blackberry was much better and my new Android phone is better still. I've seen the iPhone 4 and honestly can't see it being any better than an Android. As for my computer, I have always had a PC. I did have a hard drive crash once about 5 years ago, but thankfully everything was backed up through an online service. Otherwise I have had no problem with PC's (knocking on wood) and don't really understand how Apple is so much better. Brian (an Apple computer cult member and loyalist) swears his Mac is so much better than my PC, but I have yet to understand how. Sure, I don't do that many things on my computer, so maybe he's right...or...maybe he has succumbed to a pop craze that has run it's course?

In an effort to counter the launch of the new Android phones Apple rushed it's iPhone 4 in to production. Immediately the phone had problems, most notably with the antenna. Make no mistake, a phone with reception problems is a big deal no matter how good the thing takes video. Apple responded by blaming everyone but itself. The list of issues with the phone seemed to mount, yet Apple and it's loyalists wouldn't seem to admit the flaws.

What a strange phenomena Apple is. Stranger yet are the drones who defend Apple no matter how bad one of it's products performs. Very weird in my techno-illiterate way of thinking. Just today a very interesting article came out that addresses some of what I am speaking of. Check out the article here. Note these quotations from the article-

The biggest problem with the iPhone 4's antenna isn't whether it's faulty or fine, it's Apple.

Apple has so far avoided the serious issue of whether the iPhone 4 has a legitimate hardware problem and instead obfuscated the issue by first telling users how to hold the new iPhone and then blaming a software glitch. As a result, Apple now has a big PR headache on top of an obvious hardware flaw

If Apple admitted the hardware flaw, its PR problem would start to go away. But it hasn't, and news organizations including Consumer Reports and Engadget continue to prove the antenna is faulty. Worse, countless consumers have weighed in on the matter ... and that's Apple's biggest problem.

The iconic computer maker is in danger of losing its grip on the public psyche, an incredible asset it has milked for the last decade to become one of America's most admired companies. Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, is beloved because of his singular vision and insistence that good design and computing hardware go hand in hand. Jobs utters, we listen. It is a unique power Bill Gates could never muster.

The article describes Apple's power well- "its grip on the public psyche". What will it take for said grip to loosen? People can be irrationally loyal about some strange things. You watch, I'll get a few comments from Applelites telling me what an idiot I am for not knowing how much better Apples are than PC's {yawn}.


Woody Woodward said...

The Apple guy must be friends with “running from everything”, Eric Holder? He takes no blame for anything and sees everything that the public perceives as bad, as “the public is simply ill-informed, I know what’s best and it’s big government! Quit your complaining, we will fix it our way.”

rebecca said...

No way! I honestly think the secret to their success with the public is their service. I have so many friends who have bought PCs only for them to break down within the year, but I have never known anyone with an Apple product that was ever left hanging with a bad product the way they were. I never bought AppleCare for my computer and everything runs perfectly after 5 years. There were a few times when I screwed something up myself, but if a free phone call to Apple or a trip to the Apple store Genius desk (also for free) has always been sufficient and even optimizing. Apple recalls their bad products, repairs or replaces things for free, and will do just about anything to keep their customers happy. I think THATS why Apple users will never go back to PCs. They earn and deserve our loyalty. Thats what I say :)

Adam said...

Pastor Tony, I just posted this from my new Evo..and it gets cell phone reception too...just sayin