Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reid on Powerful Preaching

Reading about Puritan pastors can be a touch depressing (as per the last post), but it is also challenging. As I contemplate a return to the Redeemer pulpit after 12 weeks of not preaching, I have grabbed hold of something James Reid said about preaching-

And powerful preaching, calculated to command a reverent attention, to strike the conscience, and to warm and affect the heart, well becomes ministers of the glorious Gospel of the Son of God. They ought to speak with dignity and holy boldness, not fearing the face of man.

Reid is right.


Woody Woodward said...

Please rest in His peace, knowing while you were gone, the flock was well cared for and loved. The Word went forth and what a joy to know Redeemer folks come for worship and to hear the word, not to be entertained or have ears tickled.

pjw said...

I heartily agree, Woody! And don't change your style, Tony! Looking forward to having you back, but we're well cared for in the meantime!

Brother Titus said...

Instead of saying the author you're reading here is wrong (because I've not read his book), I'll respectfully suggest that you posted too small a quote of this man's work. Because every time I read this post, the quote comes across as if the author says that it's what man does in the pulpit that appeals to the hearer of the Gospel so that he may get saved, or may repent of sin...a preacher just has do, "this," or, "that," and people will get saved. And, I'm sure you wouldn't be reading this man if he meant what he comes across as saying to me from your quote....see what I mean? I think it's because the author used the word "calculated" that this quote comes across badly to me. Because, you's not us at all, in any way shape or form, but, it's Jesus Christ in us, the hope of glory. If the pastor's got His message to preach on Sunday, that's all he needs. The rest will take care of itself, which you already know, right? (I can say this because it works in everyday Christian life. So, if it works for everyday folks, it got to work for pastors while preparing and preaching.)