Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wild Glenn Beck program

I don't watch Glenn Beck but I did check out the clip below because I heard through Twitter my seminary colleague Anthony Bradley was on. Anthony hardly got a word in, but I was blown away by all Beck said. The dude's a Mormon but he basically laid out the biblical means for salvation through Christ albeit from an Arminian perspective. You have to watch this-


Nathan said...

Wow! Poor Anthony needed some liberation from the white man so he could get a word in edgewise. Just kidding of course! I hope the Beck listeners start asking lots of questions based on this show and end up in gospel preaching churches rather than getting snatched up by the Mormons. We should pray for God's Spirit to move in those who heard the words of Scripture Beck presented and that they would believe on Christ for salvation.

Woody Woodward said...

BLOWN AWAY! I urge every Reepicheep reader to invest 17 very important minutes and listen to Beck. I am not changing my thinking on Mormonism, it is a false religion, but I am changing my thinking on Beck’s personal relationship with Christ. Beck couldn’t have shared the Gospel better if he had graduated from Covenant Seminary or Moody Bible. As Beck said, “For those just tuning in, this has to be the weirdest Glen Beck program you have ever heard!”
As for my opinion, “the Word went forward” and we can depend upon IT accomplishing that which He intended and it will reach those in which HE intended it to reach. As for Black Liberation theology, I certainly have a keener understanding. If you aren’t prepared for battle, with TRUTH as your Shield, and the Word of God as your SWORD, then you are not prepared to face your enemy. Sounds to me like Beck has proved beyond anyone’s doubt, having attended Jeremiah Wright’s cult for over 20 years, our president is indeed on the wrong side… he is trying to fight a battle that has already been won. “For in all these things, we are overwhelming Conquerors through Him who loved us!”

Rick Calohan said...

While Glenn Beck maybe correct on what Liberation Theology is he is not correct on what Biblical Christianity is. Mormonism teaches that the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross itself (and receiving it by faith) is not sufficient to bring forgiveness of sins. It teaches that the forgiveness of sins is obtained though a cooperative effort with God; that is, we must be good and follow the laws and ordinances of the Mormon Church in order to obtain forgiveness. Not much different from Roman Catholicism or Arminian Theology in this regard and this is crucial because unless we according to them accept Christ and His universal atonement with our libertarian free will we can not be saved. Well, that my friend is not Grace alone, that is Grace plus my libertarian free will working together for my salvation, which is not Biblical Christianity and that, is not the Gospel.

Is it possible for Glenn Beck to a Christian? Yes, just as it is possible for many who are in occults and apostate churches which are no different from synagogues of Satan to be saved. However, this is only by the Grace of God Alone through His election, it is not because of something Glen Beck thinks the Gospel is and it certainly not by his membership in either the Roman Catholic or Mormon churches any more than my salvation is because I am a member of Redeemer Presbyterian and a Calvinist.

God has chosen His elect, not we or I have chosen God or I made a choice for Christ. Christ did not die for everyone or the world or to whosoever wills as the Arminian Theology teaches. He died for the elect, and I am sure many of the elect whom all their lives thought they made a decision for Christ will someday know that their salvation is by Grace Alone through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone. God Chose, Christ Redeemed, and the Holy Spirit Regenerates is Monergism and Monergism is Biblical Christianity.

While I appreciate Glenn Beck’s theatrics, political views and his sprinkling of the founding fathers with props to George Whitfield from time to time, he is very Arminian and very universalistic on his radio and television show because he is trying to appeal to all those who hold dear the founding principals of our nation. This is common because we live in a pluralistic society who regardless of your religion or faith so long as you accept and support the American idea of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness as our founders did you are OK by me, and that is how you sell books, and draw an audience.

Woody Woodward said...

Sorry Brother Rick, I love you but not with you on this one. I will have to confess, often times I am far to verbose in my criticism of others, and my big mouth has offended many. But I am working on this and as I fail, I lean on His grace.
I have never been a huge Glen Beck fan, and largely because of his false religion and also because of his extreme alarmisms. But listening carefully to his empowered testimony, I discerned a sincere man, who spoke from a broken and contrite heart. Word of truth from his innermost being, words of love and words of grace. And he confessed his personal relationship with Christ, his own salvation by stating, nothing he had done or could do, his salvation was in the finished work of Christ, obtained by faith alone through Christ alone. We can’t judge his heart but we can observe his fruit. I will be watching.

Rick Calohan said...


Grace and Peace to you in the name of the Lord! Amen. I did not say Glenn Beck is not a Christian because he is a Mormon or was a former Roman Catholic, but in theological terms there are two schools of thought Monergism and Synergism. Monergism teaches that God chose you, Christ Redeemed you, and the Holy Spirit Regenerates you to faith. Synergism teaches that is incumbent upon you to take the first step and God is just waiting on you to respond. You have to cooperate in your salvation. Now is this to say that those who are of the Arminian view not Christians. Absolutely not, but their understanding of Salvation and Regeneration is a skewed because in the end it is incumbent upon you. Grace + you is not Grace Alone. Faith + you is not Faith Alone, and Christ + you is not Christ Alone.

Monergism is Biblical Christianity; Synergism is marching people back to ROME.

In His Grace, For His Glory,


Adam said...

I almost could have swore Beck must have known or heard something about sola gratia there for a minute when he started talking about grace.

On Nathan's point one would think Beck watchers must being asking questions; one other episode I saw on YouTube of a recent Beck show also resulted in Peter Lillback of Westminster laying out the Gospel. See all 4 parts...first one below

Woody Woodward said...

Dear Brother Rick, for 33 years of my Christian life I stood tall in wrong camp. I knew nothing about Calvinist, Monergism, only that it was indeed within the pale of orthodoxy. But since I knew nothing, I ignorantly ignored any thoughts or personal challenges. Although I stood strong in defending the doctrine of grace and argued vehemently for the eternal security of the believer, Armenian theology is all I knew, because that’s all I heard preached from the Wesleyan camps.
Now that I have embraced the commanding, moving out with embolden power theology of Calvin and the Reformed faith, I feel my walk with the Lord has grown leaps and bounds. I feel like I am walking in His authority and finally, He is able to use me for His kingdom work. I didn’t waist those 33 years, because as Paul said, “Use these things to strengthen your brothers.” Thanks for explaining, in love your further thoughts. I think you accurately articulated what we both feel about our friend and dear fellow patriot, Glen Beck. Just wish he would see the real light and leave the Mormon false religion.