Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Delusional (again)

Historians and others will debate who the worst U.S. president was, a strong case for Jimmy Carter can be made.

Beyond his poor performance as president is his current embarrassing conduct. I was unable to embed video from an interview he just did, so I'll direct you through a link.

You have to check out what Carter says about himself and his superiority to other presidents-

Jimmy Carter Interview Here.


Anonymous said...

Most of us think more highly of ourselves than others. I guess if no one else will pat him on the back, he'll do it himself.

Woody Woodward said...

I forced myself to stop and listen to this ridiculous banter on what a superior president he was? You got to be kidding? At first I thought he was referring to Clinton, then I wondered, who in the world is he talking about? I soon came to the same conclusion, “The old man still have his peanut head buried way far deep in the ground, he is completely delusional!” His perplexing, perpetual proud pounding and patting of himself on the back got so ridiculous it was funny. Then when he blamed the FOX news network for all of our countries current problems, I called him a very dirty name. Cheri told me to lighten up, but I was already lit up. Sorry, Pastor, I Didn’t prove out last Sunday’s sermon very well. But it’s really hard to find grace and unity when you have to listen to the rambling on of a total idiot!

Jim said...

Well, there were some pretty lousy presidents in the 19th century. Still . . . :-)

Is Carter hawking a book or something? I've read reports of his statements on several different news shows.

I'm no fan of Ted Kennendy, or of national health care, but it is just plain unmanly of Jimmy Carter to go around a year after the Kennedy's death and blame him for spiking Carter's health care initiative.

Perhaps Carter's accusation is true, but I know of no reason beyond cowardice why he'd wait until after Kennedy's death to publicize the accusation. I mean, shoot, it's 30-year old news!

William said...

While Carter was a horrible sitting President, the reality is that he has been a good "ex-President." Even his political opponents have conceded that on many occasions. I believe he used an unfortunate word choice when he said "superior," as it certainly left him open for rebuttal. I'm willing to cut him a little slack due to his age. He has been instrumental in helping ensure that elections are conducted in other countries with integrity, he has been quite active in "Habitat for Humanity" and he continues to work to improve conditions for others. "Superior" was a poor word choice but he really has made a positive difference as an ex-President.

Rick Calohan said...

This is obviously a case where if you cannot say something nice say nothing at all. The Carter presidency was perhaps the first presidency that I can remember with any political interest since it took place from 1977-1981 when I was between ages of 10-14 years of age.

President Carter came into office after the whirlwind of Watergate and Vietnam left American voters with bitterness towards the Republican Party. He narrow defeated President Gerald Ford who in hindsight was weakened by the pardoning of President Richard Nixon.

Jimmy Carter campaigned to restore trust in the American Government, and the grassroots movement of the time swept him into power. I think he peaked with the Camp David accords; however, the real down turn in his presidency was the Iranian Hostage Crisis, for 444 days Americans were held captive in our embassy in Tehran by radical Islamic Iranian students. That for me was when I a young impressionable public school educated youth of liberal indoctrination thought the only alternative was the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

When Senator Kennedy lost the nomination, I placed my support for Jimmy Carter and debated fellow classmates who were supporting Ronald Reagan. When Jimmy Carter lost, I felt it was only going to be a matter of time before we would be in a nuclear war. I am pleased to say that I was wrong on many accounts and grateful that my apocalyptic views did not happen.

In Carter’s post presidency the media has heralded him a champion of humanitarian and social causes both here and abroad. However, replacing right wing dictators with left wing dictators has not made these third world nations with conflicts and human rights abuses any better. He continues to give accolades to our foreign critics. He continues to negate Israel’s sovereignty, he continues to negotiate flawed concessions with our enemies and when he should be Presidential, he comes off as a whining coward who criticizes every President that has come after him and our nation when he is in the spotlight.

All I know is this that it took Jimmy Carter to give us a Ronald Reagan at least on that point Carter did one thing positive for America.