Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have long thought professional cycling is one of the dirtiest sports there is.

The news today shouldn't be much of a surprise as Alberto Contador-the latest Tour De France victor (3-time winner, no less)- has just tested positive for steroids. He'll undoubtedly hold a press conference and tell us how it's a false positive or because he used a certain acne medication.

Sorry Alberto, any cyclist who takes anything around Tour time, given the justified rampant suspicion, is a fool or a cheater. I'm picking the latter for Mr. Contador. Of course, as always, if I am wrong, I'll immediately recant and repent.

Give Lance credit...he somehow got away with it.


Perry said...

Do you really think Lance Armstrong is taking PEDs? What about that ruling cycling group that told his accuser to put up or shut up. The guys's put up nothing, and he's been quiet pretty much since he was told to put up.

Woody Woodward said...

Those folks doing the bicycle bit need Brother Bob Albright to sell them a bike while he tells them about Christ. Lance Armstong is not ashamed to call himself an Atheist, and from your blog news, sounds like the rest of these boys are riding down the same lost, dead-end track.

Qayaq said...

I would like to argue with you but unfortunately I think you are right, Armstrong was smart enough and good enough, (or greased the right palms) to get away with it.
I think his popularity has waned some due to these allegations. With that and embarrassing himself at the Tour I bet he is wishing he stayed retired.