Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Excited for November?

Well, I always look forward to November because it's the best whitetail hunting month. Am I excited for November this year because of the elections? Not really. No.

It seems that Republicans are running strong across the country. Apparently some people have come out of their stupor and realized the devastating fiscal effects insane spending creates-the practice of Democratic fiscal policy since forever...or at least since Jimmy Carter. Lots of people seem revved up to bounce as many Democrats out of office as possible and send a message to President Obama that he has gone off the deep end and needs to do his best Bill Clinton imitation and get back toward center.

Why am I not excited? Because Republicans have been irresponsible spenders since forever too...or at least since Ronald Reagan. Bush was one of the worst. The lack of fiscal conservatism on the part of the Republicans was a chief reason people got suckered in to voting for Obama.

Sure, I'm happy for any legislators who will put the kibosh on Obama's socialist, liberal agenda, but I'm under no allusion the Republicans will put on much of a kibosh. Under Bush we were on the 30 year plan to national bankruptcy. Obama has been Bush on a triple dose of steroids likely speeding up our fiscal demise by 20 years. Honestly, I just don't see a new batch of Republicans making a considerable difference. I hope they do, but I'm not naive.

Doug Wilson nailed it on his blog-

The Republicans are like an abusive former boyfriend, one who used to slap his girl around quite a bit. She finally left him, and hooked up with another man, one who enticed her with words like "hope" and "change," but turned out to be the kind who would beat her savagely. So when she starts making plans to leave the second guy and go live in a shelter, the first boyfriend, never the sharpest tool in the shed, takes this as an indication that she is falling in love with him again. He thinks he sees the lovelight in her eyes again, while it is only the glint of resolve to be done with the process of trying to choose a guy based on who might be less of a loser. "I know what I will do," she is now thinking to herself. "I am done with this kind of guy period."


Malcolm said...

Here's what Karl Rove said about the tea party candidate winning in Delaware.
"I'm for the Republican, but I got to tell you, we were looking at eight to nine seats in the Senate. We are now looking at seven to eight in my opinion. This is not a race we're going to be able to win."

It is going to be interesting what goes on within the Republican Party as more candidates like this arise. Obviously Rove doesn't embrace candidates that aren't part of the club. I just hope and pray that the tea party candidates don't split the vote like a lot of 3rd party candidates have in the past and hurt the conservative cause.

Reepicheep said...

I'm sick of Rove. He's part of the problem.

Woody Woodward said...

I too was so angry at the arrogant attitude of Carl, “I know it all”, Rove last night I could have screamed!
He will never apologize nor admit to even the tiniest of political blunders. And I too was disgusted with the last 2 years of the “beaten down, good-ole boy, just say yes, and let’s move on Bush!”
The GOP better get their game together quick, cause the DEM’s are loving this kind of divisive banter.
We need someone to bring unity to the Grand Ole’ Party. I’m leaning towards the Newt, but he has some nasty baggage that will no doubt, get nastier.