Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ken Burns- "The Tenth Inning"

I don't know why I like baseball so much. I didn't play it. I have no plans to get my kids in to it. I think it's basically boring until October. In recent years I have been shaken by the rampant performance enhancing drug scandals that range the whole of the 90's and in to the early years of this decade. Still, I love baseball, especially in October. There's nothing like baseball in October.

I grew up watching the Yankees. Watching baseball some how brings me back to my childhood, I guess that's why I like it so much.

Tonight I am watching an excellent, newly released, Ken Burns special on baseball. I'm not done watching it, but so far it's just superb. Check it out. Pay particular attention to the great segment on the 1996-2000 Yankees!


Rick Calohan said...

You did not play baseball in youth is akin to me not playing soccer in my youth, truly hard to believe but then again we are four years apart. I love baseball despite the steroid era. I love updating my status on Facebook ‎"Ballgame over! Yankees win! Theeeeeee Yankees win!" Baseball to me embodies everything that is American including it’s flaws. I pray that my boys will be active in America’s pastime and that someday they will wear the coveted home pinstripes and road grays.

Being a Yankees fan since the 5th grade when I read the story about Lou Gehrig in Kansas City no less has confounded my friends since 1977. Yes, I was a fan before the Yankees won the 1977 & 78 World Series and remain a fan to this day. Yes I remained a fan for those 18 seasons without a championship too.

I did manage to catch the segment on 1996-2000 Yankees last night my only critique was its harsh undertones towards the “The Boss” George Michael Steinbrenner whom under his ownership brought seven World Series Championships in his 37 years as owner. Yes Steinbrenner had his flaws but if one thing you cannot take away from him was his love of the Yankees.

A must for any Yankees fan is the recent The House of Steinbrenner on ESPN.


Woody Woodward said...

Tony, love to hear your thoughts on the newly remodeled Kauffman Stadium? I told Cheri we would go to at least one game this season, but it hasn't happened. Used to go quite often, but then that is when our company was actually making money. Maybe next year?

Reepicheep said...

Woody-Kaufman is awesome- the remodel job only makes it better.

What is hideously sad is the sub-15,000 number that shows up nightly for attendance. Very sad.