Friday, September 3, 2010

Maybe Tennis is more exciting than I thought?

You have to watch the whole thing to fully appreciate-


Perry said...

I didn't realize stadiums are built for tennis, because that many people actually want to watch it live. Those people were really high up.

Andrew B. said...

1) Woman shouldn't be arguing when her husband is standing right there.
2) Man shouldn't be yelling at a woman.
3) I liked how the wife and husband walked away and then the husband came back to avenge his wife, although I wouldn't condone doing so because the situation didn't 'seem' to warrant attacking anyone. I also wouldn't have gotten hurt.

Joe said...

I went to a tennis match and a hockey game broke out.

Woody Woodward said...

That was hilarious! Saw a bit on the news, but this was for sure a full-length feature film of frantic, frivolous frivolity!