Tuesday, September 28, 2010

President Obama explains "his" Christian faith

Check out this very interesting interchange with President Obama today-

What do I think?

If President Obama genuinely trusts Christ, it wasn't clear from what he said. If he does in fact trust Christ for the forgiveness of his sins, there is at least a disconnect with the whole of Christianity and his apparent worldview.

In recent months and through interacting with Christians from all sorts of evangelical backgrounds (this summer in Colorado while at Horn Creek and through various churches I visited, assorted family members, and a whole bunch of students at HCA who go to many different churches) I have come to think the American church has never been more disjointed in what it professes and how it acts. People are able to give simple, but relatively cogent, professions of faith in Christ. If you probe what they mean, you find all sorts of varying explanations that begin to erode the "profession" they just gave- I'm talking about people attending churches that are basically bible-teaching (though very topical in their preaching practice). I just don't know what to make of a person's profession alone in the world of modern American evangelicalism. There has to be more questions asked and concepts probed. Perhaps just as important- how does your profession of faith in Christ affect and form your worldview and personal practices? I would like to ask President Obama how his Christian Faith informs his views and actions on many issues. I would like to ask most evangelicals the same question.

Lots more to think of and blog about concerning this important issue. Coming soon...


Malcolm said...

Okay, I give his partial credit on this answer. I recognize that I can't judge what is in a man's heart as well. But, as a follower of the reformed faith I feel that any profession must include the recognition that Jesus died on the cross for my sins.

Woody Woodward said...

I heard the interview last night on NBC news. I have to confess, I was moved by his “seemingly sincere” response. He certainly said the right things, and the patience in which he spoke, his calm demeanor conveyed to me that his thoughts were genuine. But Gary and I talked about this at prayer time today and he said the same thing you are saying Pastor. True, we can’t judge his heart, and his testimony certainly doesn’t line up with his terrible far radical and left wing ideology. But regardless of what he said yesterday, it’s hard for me to see him as a brother in Christ.

Adam said...

I would like to hear how his faith affects his worldview and personal practices too. After all, faith without works is dead.

Anonymous said...

Very good thoughts here. Many people are attending churches and cannot express more than the comment that they "said a prayer" or they "made a decision for Christ." I had a similar "testimony" and yet at the core knew one thing, I would NOT be a Christian if Christ had not given me the faith, and had not drawn me to the Father. I did nothing on my own to merit anything, no action of mine saved me period. Also, it has changed the course of my life. My mother was a teenager when I was born, and was a drug dealer. My father was also a teenager, and is really a drinker/smoker/gambler/rock-n-roll man (not that I don't like my share of rock songs). I grew up with many sets of parents...eventually with my dad and a loving step-mom. I had no chance of keeping my faith on my own. I had a curfew growing up, but could have gone to any party I wanted and could have been sexually active, no problem. My parents would have viewed this as normal. Drugs, well, I would have been discouraged, but alcohol is such a norm in our family, I would have been able to party with my dad and his family. Throughout all this, I was a Christian. I was an odd duck in my family, and walked to the nearest church at times because I was the only one in the house going. So many things I have chosen to do have kept me out of trouble, and have blessed my life. It's only by God's grace and mercy. If He hadn't rescued me early I know where I'd be now. My life would be a wreck. I could be dead and without my Savior. I know I wouldn't have all my children and my husband. I wouldn't have anything.


Rick Calohan said...

Is President Obama a Christian? Well, despite being raised by a Agnostic/Atheist mother who according to him was “spiritual” and a Muslim biological dad, and a Muslim stepfather and a Baptist Grandfather and Methodist Grandmother who both became Unitarians, it’s clear that he may very well not come to faith until later in life. Apparently following the President’s timeline would be around the time he went to Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago to listen to Liberation Theology Topical Sermons that he never heard despite sitting in those pews for over 20 years.

Among Christians, there are great divides, theologically and doctrinally. Rather it is Roman Catholicism vs. Protestantism, Arminianism verses Calvinism, and Modern Day Evangelicalism verses Reformed, Orthodox verses Liberalism. OK let us say at best he is a nominal Christian, and let us say that now he is President he has not found a church to regularly attend or does not want to disturb a congregation similar to what Ronald Reagan did while in office. Attending church or church membership does not make a person a Christian. Nor does one’s works, actions, deeds gain favor, merit or earn good graces with the big Guy. Many who profess Christians may at best be nominal.

His political philosophies concerning redistribution of wealth, abortion on demand, stem cell research are the antithesis to me of what is Biblical Christianity. However, I am not God, I am not Christ, and I am not the Holy Spirit. God and not me that is the author and finisher of the faith; Faith tells me that thou shall not steal, that shall not murder and yet to the President he does not view raising taxes on the wealthy to redistribute to his figure of 98% of the non-wealth, and the murdering of babies so long as it is a President Clinton put it “safe, legal, and rare” and President Obama made it clear he will not make his daughters as he put it "I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby,"

Do these values and morals sound Christian to you? All I know is this that as much as I despise your political views, I pray that God has Chosen you, Christ Redeemed you and the Holy Spirit has/shall regenerate you and sanctify you. That your faith and trust is in Christ alone and that you will realize that this was not of your own doing but instead acknowledge that this was a gift of God. That in time you will see the error of your ways and repent and God willing shall recant of your views especially when it comes to the life of the unborn. That you remain faithful in your marriage and that the values and morals you pass on to your daughters are Christian and not humanism. Moreover, Mister President I want you to know that I am not singling you out for we have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.

Perry said...

Sure Obama is a, "Christian." He's a leftist Black Liberation Theology Christian in the mold of Rev. Wright, but not a washed, regenerated and forgiven biblical Christian in the likeness of Jesus Christ. That's why Obama can go around claiming he's a, "Christian" with a straight face, because he's done something to step into his type of, "Christianty," but it's not the biblical step needed. Whether he realizes the difference between what he is and what a biblical Christian is, I don't know. But, unless he can realize his error in time and repent, he's toast in the judgement.

Woody Woodward said...

Powerful testimony my dear Sister Dawn! Your testimony and strugles to stand in the midst of the storm, speaks volumes above the words of the President. That don't line up with his liberal left wing agenda. Bless you for sharing the pain from your past! And now you are walking in Victory of tomorrow!