Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Special times with Pepa...

Tonight I saw the best Wizards game of the year, maybe of the last three years, as they managed to dig themselves out of a hole of their own creation to beat the Houston Dynamo in the last minute of play, 4-3.

The game served to enhance a very special time with my boys and my father as we all sat together cheering on our beloved Wizards.

My Dad is almost 80, so I cherish every such opportunity and praise God for the great memories my boys are stacking up with with Pepa. It seems like yesterday when Dad and I would go to Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Stallions games at the "Aud" in downtown Buffalo.

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Brother Titus said...

Good picture, great times, great memory.

Woody Woodward said...

Praise the Lord for such bountiful joyous smiles in that great picture. O’ the peace of knowing how special these times are and how they will be forever cherished. In God's divine goodness, we are all so blessed that the Lord called Tony and Ginger, Rich and Barb to move to KC. I would to the Lord I could have some do-over’s with my own children. How I regret, but have to look ahead. Cheri and I both count it such a joy to be able to be Grandpa’s and Grandma’s with so many of our covenant children in the nursery at Redeemer.