Friday, October 8, 2010

Classic W

No matter what you think of George W. Bush, he is a character unlike most modern politicians. He has avoided the limelight since leaving office two years ago making rare public appearances.

"I loved being your president. But frankly, I'm having the time of my life not being your president...I do not miss the limelight. I have zero desire to be in the press. I have zero desire to be on your TV screens. Eight years is enough of that."


Brother Titus said...

I really liked "W" in the beginning of his eight years. I couldn't believe how clear-speaking he was during press conferences. I voted for him twice. But, in the end, he was almost as socialistic as Obama is now. And, that "Law of the Sea" treaty "W" wanted to get eneacted would've given over America's territorial waters to U.N. control. What a mess. What a disappointment.

John D. Chitty said...

Despite his moderate conservatism, his example on a personal level is ideal in my book. The quote you are featuring shows he definitely believes in term limits, and in the spirit of the other George W (Washington), knows that when the job is over, it's over, and he goes back to a genuinely personal life, except when people make him do public former-president stuff like writing books, and appear at things. And as a Fort Worth citizen (that a little town somewhere just west of Dallas, in case you've never heard of it--pardon the sarcasm), I'm glad to have him as a neighbor--extended though our "neighborhood" may be.

Woody Woodward said...

I’m with Brother Titus. I had such euphoric hopes when W was first elected. Thought he did a masterful job during some mighty tough times. Then in his second term, he just seem to fizzle out, taking the point of least resistance at every critical turn. It’s like he just wanted out and so he caved into the lib’s, buried his head in the sand, and was satisfied in passing every entitlement the Dems put on his desk. He is a good and moral man, but looking back, I believe his father was the better president.