Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Optimistic

Observing various media outlets, especially notoriously conservative ones, might lead you to believe:

1. Republicans are going to take back both houses of Congress and win many governorships.

2. This fact will somehow make a big difference in the way things are.

I'm not so optimistic.

A change in the ruling majority seems to be merely about slightly slowing our race toward national bankruptcy, weakened international influence, and complete moral degradation...not about stopping the free fall and reversing course.


Shawn said...

Reep, you are so correct. Nothing is going to change in our government until people change their thinking. I am so tired of hearing, "I'm voting for the lesser of two evils".

Well guess what. You voted for evil. So, what can you expect from evil? If you don't want to vote for evil, change your thinking. The best thing you can do, is start to vote None Of The Above, or NOTA. If more people would do this, we would stop getting Republocrats, that call themselves Republicans or Democrats. But are all the same.

We need representatives that want to save this nation. We need to have people in office that realize that you cannot continue to operate with more money going out than money coming in.

Why is it that we, the average American, have to balance our budget while our government doesn't? They would rather spend our money, and waste their time arguing over stupid things. While our country slowly goes into the abyss of of unrecoverable debt.

Jim said...

"Moral degredation" is a political problem like the national debt and foreign relations?

I'm more inclined to point a finger at the Church rather than at Washington for that. Although I guess the government steps in when the Church fails.

Still, a pastor holding the government responsible for not reversing moral degredation seems to me a bit like a child who kills his parents, and then pleads for leniency from the court on account that he's an orphan.

Reepicheep said...

I'm not holding the government solely responsible for moral degradation as such. The government is an extension of society. The church has not been faithful to influence culture in a way that would produce a better government.

Still, elected officials make decisions that impact moral matters regularly. In that way, they have contributed to the slide.

Yes, sure, the Church is responsible in a macro sense. I get that. Still, there is much elected officials could do to be less morally degraded in debate and legislation.

Brother Titus said...

Government is never our, "salvation." But, I think if not enough Tea Party candidates are elected and just the same-old, party-line Republicans are elected, ultimately there won't be much change for the future at the top. However, at least the American people will have sent the traitor Dems packing.

Woody Woodward said...

Brother Titus mighty voice of wisdom rules again! Preach on Brother!