Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trueman sums it up

I haven't been able to quantify how awkward the current political scene feels in a blog post. Watching clips of O'Reilly causing Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to walk off the set of their show really captures how goofy everything has become. Infotainment and politics are so weirdly united these days-what strange, irrational times these are. Carl Trueman has a nice post on his blog that challenges ministers to steer clear of engaging in the silly banter and name calling seen on TV. Check out his thoughts here. His introduction captures part of what I've been trying to somehow quantify myself:

One of the most depressing things about the current season of political stumping in the USA is the mindless nature of so much of the discourse. The recent sight of the unbearably self-important and ill-informed Bill O'Reilly and the overwhelmingly self-righteous and equally ignorant Whoopi Goldberg squaring off in a TV spat about as realistic and spontaneous as a Hulk Hogan smackdown just about says it all.


Nathan said...

Hulk Hogan was a REAL wrestler dude!!

Perry said...

As stunned as I was to hear about a couple of the Leftist "View" hags walking-off their set, I'm incredibly glad for it, especially at this time. Just weeks before a critical, upcoming nationwide election, all of America could SEE for itself what absolute IDIOTS! the Left in America has become. These ignorant cockroaches who call themselves "View" hosts are so wrongly insensed by the light of Bill O'Reilly's absolutely verifiable, quantifiable truth that, "Muslims killed us on 9/11," that they get up and flee their set! Astounding! It couldn't have been scripted better! That beautiful knee-jerk reaction handed to conservatives on a silver plater will, I hope, cause more November-election fence sitters to wake-up and smell the coffee of the Leftist's witchs' brew and flee that swill themselves than anything I've heard of in a long time.

Woody Woodward said...

For real affection for the upcoming election, Be informed and Get Reformed!

In all seriousness, Perry is right, and this is indeed the most important election of our lifetime.
Everyone exercise their constitutional rights and get our the VOTE while we can still vote.

Brother Titus said...

Perry, you don't want to be too coy here. So, what do you really think about those women on the "View?" The only thing I would add about your comment is that these women and the liberals of their "ilk" are straight-up delusional. Yes, they are. They couldn't buy clues, or even know any answers to any of the truely big earthly questions of our day if they were slapped in their faces with the answers. Bill O'Reilly tried. It didn't work. These people are so far gone from reality they honestly should be hospitalized or physically restrained for the good of everybody (a future I believe that's waiting for Christians, as men and women in power exchange what's right for what's wrong and exchange what's wrong for what's right). I am not kidding.

By the way, remember a number of years ago when Whoppi Goldberg got on stage drunk and did a "comedy act" where she railed on President Bush; and, whenever she said his name, she pointed to her "privates." Then, she was hired by the "View." Not right away, but afterward.

Perry said...

I think my wife should stop watching that ridiculous show, even though she doesn't agree with the nonsense that goes on on that program.