Monday, October 18, 2010

Yea, and all things - come, not by chance

Two days after the injury, still very swollen

Last week was rough for me. On Thursday night I seriously injured my right knee playing in an indoor soccer game with my team, RPC United.

I jumped up and forward to get a head ball and came down in a bunch of guys with all my weight on one leg. I knew I was in trouble immediately as I felt my leg crumble from the knee down. When I hit the ground I could see the grotesque shape of my leg as my knee dislocated and my lower leg jammed up and over my upper leg. I have pictures from the ER, but their too nasty to post here. It was the most awful pain I have ever experienced or could imagine. I laid there with my team (and the other team) consoling me until the paramedics got there and mercifully administered morphine for my ride to the hospital. At the hospital the ER docs and nurses put me out long enough to set my leg right. I stayed overnight in the hospital so the medical team could monitor the blood flow in my lower leg. Ruptured or damaged blood vessels can go undetected and cause major problems, even death, so I was grateful for the caution.

My leg is still too swollen to do an MRI to determine the extent of the ligament/cartilage damage, so I don't know how bad it actually is. It's certain my ACL is completely torn and very likely my PCL is gone too. I'll need reconstructive surgery in a month or two. Right now I'm in a stiff brace and on crutches but should be able to walk in a week or 10 days. The hardest thing is the realization that I will not be able to play competitive soccer again. Heck, I'm just praying I can get back to jogging with my sons like I have been doing for the past year. The rehab time to be able to jog is 6-9 months minimum.

Before this happened on Thursday I was working on a sermon for Sunday night about God's providence. I needed to be reminded of the truth of God’s providence this week. Heidelberg question #27 captures the essence of biblical teaching on God’s providence-

What is meant by the providence of God? The Providence of God refers to the almighty and everywhere present power of God; whereby he upholds and governs heaven, earth, and all creatures; so that herbs and grass, rain and drought, fruitful and barren years, meat and drink, health and sickness, riches and poverty, yea, and all things - come, not by chance, but by his fatherly hand.

Am I to think this knee injury is God’s plan? Did God ordain this to happen?
Of course He did, and I am thankful for such knowledge.

A follow up question in Heidelberg states perfectly why such knowledge of God’s providence is an advantage to us:

What advantage is it to us to know that God providentially upholds all things?
Such knowledge helps us to be patient in adversity; thankful in prosperity; and that in all things, which may hereafter befall us, we place our firm trust in our faithful God and Father, that nothing shall separate us from his love; since all creatures are so in his hand, that without his will they cannot so much as move.

This will be a tough road for me, but I know I am not alone and none of this is a mistake. Everything from the hand of God is good.


Woody Woodward said...

Wow, leave for a couple days and you just fall apart! Seriously, I grimaced when looking at the picture of your bummed out knee. I have always told you, exercise isn’t all it’s made out to be.
Important question; were you ready to give a reason for the hope that was within you? I now that you didn’t use that bad word that begins with a “C”. (Chance) But providentially, regardless of the terrible pain, for sure the Lord Jesus was right there, guiding the doctors every decision.
I am so sorry for the upcoming operation. But the good side, you don’t have to worry about people not praying for you. You will not go through this alone!

Perry said...

When I started reading this, I had visions from Youtube watching, where guys are fighting and kicking; and all of a sudden a leg is not the shape of a leg anymore, nor does it move in the normal way a leg moves anymore, because in that moment it's become a bag of useless bones, with the fighter in unbearable pain.

God's speed on your recovery. It's a good thing He's not only the Good Shepherd, He's also the Great Physician. You're in good hands, in Christ.

Jim said...


Jack Sawyer said...

Sorry to hear this. It's obvious from reading your blog that staying physically active is especially important to you, so I'm sure this is quite a difficult thing to face. God's grace to you as your rest in the wisdom of his providence.

Scott said...

T, it wasn't that long ago, as you remember that I endured a bodily insult, in a similar soccer game at the same field, which left me wondering from what enjoyable activities I would be limited. In God's Providence, I have had almost full recovery (about 98%), and through it all, the Holy Spirit ministered to my spirit and Carmen's and carried us through just like He has with every other trial in our lives.

The Lord also showed His love to us through our covenant body at Redeemer without whom our pain and recovery would have been much more difficult to endure.

Lean on Christ, lean on your brothers and sisters in Christ, and rejoice even in this trial.

"Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for yo know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness." -Jas. 1:2-3

Zach said...

Praying for you, buddy. God bless!