Friday, November 26, 2010

Carl Trueman on how churches go liberal

Carl Trueman has a new series of posts on how evangelical churches go down the road to liberalism. So far he is up to three excellent posts.

His posts are called "How the churches lose the plot"

Every church leader should read these posts.

How churches lose the plot (part 1)

How churches lose the plot (part 2)

How churches lose the plot (part 3)


Woody Woodward said...

I wonder if the Revelation reminder still remains over the entrance to the church we used to belong? I remember when we first joined COR in 1993, the pastor made many mentions of this during the course of his sermons.
But now, I doubt if it still stands as a reminder to all who enter the doors.
Revelation 2:4 “But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at the first.”
The brass plaque above the main entrance read, “NEVER ABAONDONED THE LOVE YOU HAD AT FIRST!”

Zach said...

At risk of sounding controversial, the crux of the problem is found in Trueman's calculus on when is the right time to bail on one's church. (Part 3, final paragraph)

As any married couple should know, if you consider divorce a possibility, your marriage is either toast or on its way to becoming toast.