Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is spreading pretty quickly. Quite an amazing shift in congressional power after yesterday's midterm elections.

I sincerely hope RED doesn't squander this opportunity, our country cannot afford it.


Glenn Wardell said...

Is this really a shift, or just a reaction against the ruling party because of 10% unemployment? If conservatives provide leadership now instead of just jockeying for power, they will make lasting gains.

Woody Woodward said...

If you didn’t see the very humorous interview this morning on Fox & Friends, with the petrified, soon to be X Senator from St Louis, Claire McCaskill.
She has to be scared to death because she knows her time is up soon. Watch her squirm her way to the right. And now she is going to back pedal her way away from Obamamania.
The only 2 posts I am upset about, Harry Reid and Joe Miller. Miller ran a decent race but the media killed him. Sharon Angle gave it her best and it's just too bad we still have to listen to that bumbling idealog, Reid. Just can’t for the life of me figure the folks out in Nevada? Most umemployed and highes home foreclosures in the nation, and they still vote to keep the bum in? Wasn't surprised in California, the lib’s on the left coast don't have a clue anyway. Maybe should form their own union, called stupid is as stupid does, .... always.

Michael Lockridge said...

It still looks like monkeys banging away at typewriters. You can change monkeys all you want, it still won't be the political equivalent of Shakespeare.