Sunday, November 14, 2010

KC Wizards to Re-brand?

For months there has been speculation that Ongoal (the KC Wizards ownership group), in conjunction with the new soccer specific stadium being built in Kansas City, KS, will be re-branding the Wizards.

The rumors say Ongoal will announce changing the Wizards name to "Sporting KC" this Wednesday.

The above logo was leaked to local KC Wizards blogger Mike Kuhn, but it could be a fake.

Personally, the decision to re-brand makes little sense to me. The Wizards are one of the original MLS teams and have a championship to their credit. Why change the name? If they do change the name, why something so incredibly lame and uninspiring as "Sporting KC"? Ongoal is a smart organization. Did they do market research on this name and find it to be attractive to folks? Really? It's just absolutely horrible.

I'll remain a season ticket holder regardless of the name of our team, but the constant striving of U.S. soccer to be like Europe is nauseating to me. I can't wait for the new KC soccer stadium, but I won't lie- the alleged name really puts a damper on things for me. I hope all these rumors are untrue.


Hough said...

It reminds me of generic brands at the grocery store.

Couldn't be more disappointed in the logo.

Woody Woodward said...

I sure hope they do well here? And maybe I will even venture to one of the games. I would love to see them hit a homerun.