Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thinking of Veterans today

Whenever I meet someone who has served in one of our branches of the armed forces I thank them for their service and really mean it.

It's a good time to thank a veteran if you have a chance.

I love these pictures of my father from his days in the Korean War.


Malcolm said...

I like the top picture the best. It shows the diverse ethnicity that is America. I am guessing that the blonde top left is from Oklahoma judging by the size of the chaw in his cheek. "Chaw" is not a typo by the way.

Brother Titus said...

...and to kick sand in the face of every American veteran, (President) Obama is out of the country.

Reepicheep said...

That's an unfair stretch BT

Dave Van said...

Love the pictures. God graciously put me between all the wars since 1939. Too young for WWI and Korea..drafted in '61..too soon for Vietnam and too old for anything since. In '61-'63 we had soldiers volunteering for that good duty in SE Asia as "advisers". Thanks for the post..reminds me of my time in Germany during peace time. All we had to deal with was Krushchev.

Dave Van Lenexa, KS

Woody Woodward said...

Dear Pastor, Last Thursday morning, as Cheri and I were leaving for our weekend get-a-way in Branson, I called your wonderful father to wish him a blessed Veterans Day and to thank him, and your uncle, who gave the ultimate price for our freedom.
Tony was still asleep but told your mom to convey our love and appreciation to him. What a joy to call him friend and fellow patriot!
Proud Veterans blanked all of Branson for their Veterans celebration weekend! And these brave warriors were honored everywhere we went.