Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grill Update

We got our grill!!

As a rite of passage in to manhood, I had my three boys assist me with the purchase and pick up.

Please notice the nasty look the lady in the background is giving us. Could it be she didn't like how the older two tried to stuff the youngest one in the grill before racing about 50 yards toward the check out line? I don't know.

I didn't get to cook on in tonight...but something is getting roasted very soon.


Brother Titus said...

Glad to see you took the kids along to get the grill. Good bonding, good memories.

Penelope said...

Ah yes! Men can cook! ( as long as it involves danger with fire!)

Woody Woodward said...

Here’s a new gadget for you to put on your wish list. Our son Tim and his wife Sarah gave me the coolest digital meat thermometer for Christmas! The probe plugs into the thickest part of the meat and the steel cord goes to a control unit that looks like a small remote control for your TV. Then it’s got a remote control that hooks to your belt so you can be 100 feet away from the grill and still get a reading on your meat. It’s fool proof. Tried inside in the oven on Saturday cooking a big roaster chicken. Set that bad boy at 165 and when it’s done it beeps at you. It was fabulous and takes the guess work out of grilling.