Thursday, December 30, 2010

Knee Update

Time for knee rehab update:

Here's my knee the night of October 14-

Here's my knee on October 15, after it had been put back in to place the night before. Pretty swollen, ligaments trashed (below).

Here's my knee the day after surgery on November 17 (below). I got a "new" ACL and the outside of my knee ligaments (the "Post lateral Corner") had to be sowed back together. I have a slight tear in my PCL, which was not repaired. I'll have to live with that. It should be OK. My doctor tells me 15-20 NFL lineman out of 100 have slightly torn PCL's. Major point of praise: if the PCL was torn any worse, it would have required a complicated reconstruction and my recovery would have been even worse. Also, my meniscus (cartilage) was undamaged! The radical dislocation actually served to avoid the meniscus getting pressed and damaged. Long term, this is good news.

(below) Here's my knee on November 22, 5 days after surgery when the bandages were removed and changed out. I have six scars total: two long ones, the rest are from the arthroscope.

I was immobile for 4 weeks after surgery. No weight bearing the whole time. On December 11 I was released to start physical therapy. I started immediately and have completed 9 sessions over the past 3 weeks. Here's my leg (below) today on December 30.

There is quite a bit of atrophy in my quads and calf, but it's improving well. I will have some swelling for the next several weeks as I do various exercises and such. It's definitely looking more like an actual knee. It feels sturdy. The big obstacle for me now is to regain range of motion in my knee despite having a lot of scar tissue from the four weeks of immobility. It's slow going at physical therapy and super difficult. I want to avoid a future surgical procedure to shave off scar tissue.

(below)My big "zipper" scar is a bit nicer to look at while maintaining a manly "yes, I did something pretty brutal to myself and therefore am more of a man than you" look.

I really appreciate the prayers many of you have offered for me. It means very much to me. My wife and kids have been absolutely stellar and seriously humbling the way they have served me during this time.

I have a few goals, Lord willing:

1. I would like to ride the Katy Trail with Brian again this late May.
2. I would like to do a triathlon or two this summer.
3. Bonus: Climb a mountain in Colorado this summer (this one might be too much that soon, coming down is actually the hardest on knees- very hard).

Please keep praying for me! Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Not too long ago (about a year ago) you were talking about being overweight and out of shape. Either you were trying to "pull one over on us" or you somehow got into tip top shape dispite having major knee surgery along the way.

Perry said...

You know you'd hurt something when your knee looks like that at any time. If you want to be active, maybe later this year you'll be well enough to run with the bulls in Pamplona.

Woody Woodward said...

That’s a pretty sexy set of legs you be showen’ off. So glad you are up and about. Are you sharing the Lord with your Rehab therapist? Still laughing about the “terrorist” verse therapist comparison.