Thursday, January 6, 2011

My "New" Bike

As part of my knee rehab I will be doing quite a bit of cycling. I cycle a fair amount every Spring and Summer in order to train for riding the Katy Trail with Brian and to do a couple triathlons. I have never relished cycling, but I will confess Brian's infatuation/obsession/unhealthy preoccupation with bikes has rubbed off on me a bit. Now with my knee issue, it would do me well to ride more.

My favorite bike, and trusty steed, has been my 2000 Gary Fisher hybrid. I overhauled it 2 years ago (new rims, tires, and cranks), it still rides like a charm. I feel like I am being unfaithful buying a new bike. I also have an old Bianchi (circa 1980's steel frame) that I overhauled similarly (but also updated the gear shifters) to use in triathlons last year. The new bike I just bought will replace both of these bikes. I am NOT getting rid of the Fisher, but rather will have it fit for my wife to ride. I think of it as putting her to pasture after years of faithful service...the bike that is.

So my "new" bike isn't really new, but it looks like it. I bought a 2009 Felt F-35 cyclocross bicycle from a guy who had too many bikes that he didn't ride. He upgraded the factory rims, tires, and brakes, raced it in two cyclocross races and came to feel it was too small for him. I won't tell you how much the sucker cost new, but I got it for less than half. Bikes just don't resell well, especially in the winter and when they're two years old. That's good for me. I love my new bike, but I won't give it a name like some weirdo's I know. I plan to ride it back and forth to church once the weather gets better. I am sure it gets better gas mileage than my truck.

Right now the bike is set up in my office so I can ride it stationary. Just today I managed to make one full rotation when pedaling. My knee bends almost 100 degrees, the minimum to pedal a bike (normal flexion is 140 degrees). Being able to ride a stationary bike is a big step in rehab. I suspect I won't be allowed to take to the road for at least another month, maybe a bit more. So I'll ride the Grim Reaper in my office for now...did I just give my bike a name?


Woody Woodward said...

Stay safe! As far as riding to the office, I hope you don’t take 159th? That has some might deep ditches on both sides of the road.

Malcolm said...

Woody, he only puts white Datsuns in the ditch on 159th.

Reepicheep said...

It was a Nissan.

I also put my Pathfinder (Nissan) in the ditch on Switzer a different time. Oh well.