Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Philadelphia Abortionist Charged with Murder

Here's a heinous story out of the city of brotherly love-

This butcher parading as a doctor is being charged with delivering babies at his abortuary, then cutting their spines with a scissors to kill them. He is being charged with 8 counts of murder, thousands too few.

Certainly I am not the only one to catch the irony of charging an abortionist with murder only after the baby is delivered and killed? Babies of all ages can be killed in this country so long as they are in the womb when murdered.

In states where late term abortion is legal, abortionists could deliver the baby up to the head, then reach up inside to sever the spinal column to kill him or her and not be charged. This guy is charged with murder for killing babies seconds after they can be killed legally in other states. It's murder to kill a baby outside the womb, but not inside.

People are all worried about jobs and the economy. Sorry folks, the economy isn't biggest problem facing our nation- not by a long shot. How much longer will God let this slaughter go on? Wait a minute! What if the slaughter of the innocent is related to the economy after all? If so, the economy is going to get way worse. WAY worse.


Zach said...


Also agreed on the economic connection. As our fertility rates have plummeted over the last few decades due to abortion and contraception, our entitlement programs have continued to expand. And with the first wave of Baby Boomers reaching the traditional retirement age of 65 this year, programs like Social Security and Medicare are soon going to collapse under their own weight. The Boomers and subsequent generations just haven't had enough children to support them in their old age.

Reepicheep said...

Zach- you're alive!

christianlady said...

Just as bad as China, we are. Yet we try so hard to pretend we aren't.

Woody Woodward said...

Wished I could introduce this mass murderer to a Christian doctor I have come to know in Moldova. His name is Doctor Valentine Kasoineev, a Messianic Believer.
Let me tell you about this brave doctor’s amazing testimony. Talking about a “new transformed creature in Christ!” I will never forget how my dropped jaw when, in 2005, while we were having lunch after the Sabbath worship at Pastor Vladimir’s house, during casual conversation, I ask Valentine what he did for a living. He told me he was a doctor for children and immediately said he had killed over 10,000 babies by abortion! Then he began to openly and candidly share why he would make such a statement. I was stunned beyond words! As his shameful story unfolded, I couldn’t help myself…. I was shocked. Truly speechless and not prepared for any kind of immediate response. After a few moments of total silence, my first words were, “I don’t know what to say nor how to respond?”
Yet now, sitting right beside me was the perfect illustration of Christ’s limitless grace, unconditional love and forgiveness. As I listened intently to the pastor’s amazing testimony, the Redemptive Covenantal language of truth quickly unfolded to me. That is, the turning away of sins affliction and tragedy, to present days of living and abundant blessings. For by grace, His blessings can flow from the curse of even the most hideous of sins.
I have never before experienced the trauma of a personal dialog with an abortion doctor. It was difficult for me to listen to his ghastly tales of gruesome genocide. As he spoke candidly, I hung my head in disbelief. The shame of such sin is incomprehensible and the guilt of living such a life is difficult for me to imagine. Yet we know in faith, that in God’s righteous judgment, there is no degree of sin. All sin is ugly and all of us deserve the same death decree. But understanding how and why God can and does forgive such a person is part of comprehending the far reaching depths of the Bibles Covenantal language of Redeeming Grace.
For over 25 years, Doctor Valentine, once known throughout Kishinev as the “doctor of death,”, was focused on killing, no murdering the unborn! He became so familiar with his horrible killing-craft he no longer felt pain. No longer could he see any difference between his hands, sentenced with death, or God’s hands, in the giving of life. For him, the rationalization of the hideous killings of the unborn was an act of mercy…….simply one less mouth to feed. One less poor person to suffer. Then the Lord struck him! He is now a Christian giving life! He took his tools of mass murder and beat them so they could never be used to kill again. His new goal, in His New Life is to bring over 10,000 babies into the world with no charge to the parents. He is giving life, no longer taking it. Praise be unto Jesus for a changed life in Christ.

Adam said...

To any pro-choice supporter...since when has size, age or location made a difference in the right to life?