Monday, January 24, 2011

A sad statement from a morally confused man...unfortunately the man is our president.

A short two weeks after his finest moment, President Obama has his worst.

The president issued this statement yesterday on the anniversary of the legal killing of over 50 million unborn children-

Today marks the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that protects women's health and reproductive freedom, and affirms a fundamental principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters.

I am committed to protecting this constitutional right. I also remain committed to policies, initiatives, and programs that help prevent unintended pregnancies, support pregnant women and mothers, encourage healthy relationships, and promote adoption.

And on this anniversary, I hope that we will recommit ourselves more broadly to ensuring that our daughters have the same rights, the same freedoms, and the same opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams.

May God remove the veil from our president's eyes, for he will incur a stricter judgment being in a place to save children and instead making their slaughter more probable.

May God have mercy on all of us.


Michael Lockridge said...

There are so many other related tragedies within this complex issue.

For example, to simply legislate it out of the legal framework will place it into the hands of criminals who are more overtly criminal. Increasing the total number of deaths to include the mothers and enriching overt criminals is not a complete solution.

Medical tourism has become vogue, and so people seeking abortions who have means will just travel.

Politicians can use this charged issue as a flag to manipulate the voting herd, without really ever taking action to correct the matter. In this case they might actually be able to have their cake and eat it, too.

If those opposed to abortion consider it the heinous act of murder proclaimed, why are not more assassinations of abortionists encouraged? Ultimately, wholesale slaughter of those who commit wholesale slaughter would have a significant impact.

Taking a strong stance is good, and right, and admirable. However, that stance must be prayerfully thought through. Few issues are simple. This one certainly is not.

John D. Chitty said...

For the past few years, I've been listening to Two Kingdom proponents encouraging conservative Republican Christians not to confuse America with the Kingdom of God, and to come to grips with the fact that just because the Bible teaches something doesn't mean the church as an institution is right to interject itself into partisan politics, while affirming the right and duty of individual Christians to figure these issues out, and engage in public activism on their own recognizance.

When we appeal to "Thou shalt not kill" in reference to abortion, we do just get it thrown back in our faces in reference to capital punishment. Being new to the whole issue, I at times get queasy about the logical conclusions of a Two Kingdom stance until I recall that the Declaration of Independence, written by that unitarian Jefferson, does still appeal to not only the laws of nature but also of nature's God in their declaration of independence from England as well as the inalienable rights endowed on all by their Creator.

So, even if America isn't really a "Christian Nation," it's founding is still informed by Biblical morality, especially as it jibes with natural law. And so, it remains our duty, as individual Christians, to continue to pray and "prod" toward the abolition of the phony "right" invented by "progressive" activist Supreme Court judges that is consistent with neither natural law nor God's Law.

Reepicheep said...

Michael, the abortion issue has many complexities, but one thing is simple- the vast majority of abortions performed in this country are murder.

The President is a very intelligent man, but he is woefully dull morally if he cannot see the one simple thing stated above, and then do all in his power (which is considerable) to speak against and try even to legislate against such a heinous act.

That's all I'm saying.

I'm not a Republican. I'm just a schmuck pastor who can't fathom how God will continue to spare America with the amount of blood and carnage that has amassed these 38 years in the name of convenience.

John D. Chitty said...

Didn't mean to imply that I thought you were Republican. I'm just sharing the thought process I'm having as I learn to function as a citizen of both the kingdom of God and the kingdom of man. Our national bloodguiltiness was just the issue to bring all this enthusiasm bubbling to the surface.

Woody Woodward said...

I stand with Doctor Mohler for the removal of this heinous veil that has blinded him to the preciousness of life. But it is very hard to pray past my anger for this disgrace of a president. If he doesn’t repent, we know that one day, he will stand before the Lord, and millions of precious lives that he justified as “unintended pregnancies” will pass before him. O’ the eternal punishment that awaits such a person.


You got to like Santorum's argument of late though. He basically puts forward that it is ironic that a person of color (aka. "black person" or "victim of slavery") would alienate the rights of an unborn child.

As to the capital punishment issue, it's really a matter of discernment (which they don't seem to have). There is a blatant difference between the justice powers of the state, just war, and social convenience homicide (where there is no legal sanction to inflict death on the unborn child). Our society has such a shallow understanding of ethics it cannot discern the difference between these subtle variants, yet the believer, broken-heartedly so, can see them as chasms. This should draw us all the more in lamentation to our Heavenly Father.