Sunday, January 23, 2011

Teal Bunbury- "BOON-BOON-REE"

Teal Bunbury is the most promising U.S. forward since Jozy Altidore, and in my opinion, he's better.

Kansas City drafted him in the first round of last year's MLS Superdraft, out of the University of Akron. He got better with each game playing for KC last year. You could tell he was something special. Since the end of the MLS season he has been playing in various Generation Adidas games, training with an EPL team, and also caught the eye of the Canadian national team (he's half Canadian) and the U.S. national team. He turned down an invite to the former and accepted one to the latter. Last night he played his first international game representing the USA. He didn't start, but upon entering the game was clearly the most dangerous forward on the field. He scored his first international goal on a penalty kick.

It's a confident strike, but what I love is the Telafutura commentator's description of Bunbury's goal celebration. check it out:

KC Fans- get to as many SPORKS (my nickname for "Sporting KC") as you can this season, there's no way Teal Bunbury will be in MLS long. He'll be signed by a major European club inside the next 18 months. Interesting fact: His father, Alex, played for the Wizards in the late 90's.


MOUFWASH said...

he has speed and a strikes the ball well, Jozy doesnt have anything on him outside of childhood hype.

DuNord has been using "sporks" since the announcement btw. Still the Wizards, its just the nickname.

Reepicheep said...

Someone else used SPORKS, I don't know who. I'm not claiming to have coined it, just that I use it.

Woody Woodward said...

SPORKS? Come on guys, I know nothing about the game but everyone knows this is an acrostic that means the Sincere Pleasure of Running, Kicking, Scramble