Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are you making the ash heap bigger?

"Every dollar spent is laying up treasures in heaven or being placed in the ash heap."
- Francis Schaeffer


Perry said...

Off the subject, but right with the times - as sports minded as you are I'm very surprised that you don't have one post here concerning Super Bowl XLV, which is just less than 24 hours away now.

Reepicheep said...

I'm not too much in to football anymore. Games on Sunday take me out of the loop on it. I'll be at church for most of the SB. When I get home I'll catch the last quarter. I used to be too in to it. Not now. Other obsessions...

Woody Woodward said...

Speaking of NOT “laying up for yourself treasures upon earth where moth and rust destroy and thieves break n and steal!” The thought of worldly ash heaps vs. laying up eternal treasures takes me back to a precious couple we met on our last mission Moldova mission. Their names were Tudor (Spelled Tiodor) Vasilienoci, last name, Costin, and his dear wife Maria. He is 78 and she is 81. Maria is blind and has only one leg. Tudor is in very poor health, but that’s part of his amazing testimony. When we walked in to their humble flat, immediately Tudor fell to his knees, giving glory to God for his new guests. He fervently prayed for God to bless our conversations and for HIM to be our most welcomed guest at this very happy gathering. He prayed with fire and vigor. Our interpret, Daniel Aposti said he has never felt called to preach the word from the pulpit, Tudor’s fiery pulpit is from street corners, alleys, and any where he finds people. This is interesting, and most unusual for people who live in these very old rundown former Soviet Union flats. Seldom does anyone know even their flat neighbors and no one seems to care. But not for Tudor, he knows everyone by name in his entire 3rd story flat. Sadly Daniel shared that Tudor seldom has new quests so this was a most joyous occasion!
After a few pleasantries, Tudor got down to business. Daniel shared his story and we experienced the most amazing and humble testimony of courage and endurance any of us had ever heard. It was 1957, Tudor was engaged to Maria while he was serving the Soviet Army in the mountains of Urell in far north Russia. The city was Cheleabinsk and the date, Tudor well remembered was September 30, 1957. The city is “UNKNOWN” to most everyone in the former Soviet Union, but in the US, few of us have heard about the “Soviet Secret City” of Russia.
Every American knows of the horrible Chernobyl disaster in 1986, but few of us know about the Urell disaster in 57. Tudor said with the Urell disaster, there was 100 times more radiation released from the exploded nuclear centrifuges than in Chernobyl. But since the explosion happened in a city controlled completely by the Soviets, no one knew and no one told. They explosion happened deep in the depths of the Mountain, so at least the radioactive fusion was contained within a 100 mile radius. With workers dying everywhere, for the most part, they were able to cover the centrifuges before the radiation seeped through the mountain. And this was Tudor’s job. He committed this deadly work to the Lord and he was the only Soviet citizen that survived. I would love to share his entire fascinating testimony, but let me close by saying, “Tudor and Maria have no ash heaps stored here, but plenty of eternal treasures waiting for them in glory.