Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Knee Update

Here's a brief knee update: This week I was cleared to start riding my bike on the road and lightly jog for 15 minutes on the treadmill. Too much snow to ride outside, so I road stationary and did my daily elliptical training instead. I hope to get outside this coming week.

The light jogging is going well. I hope to be cleared for jogging outside in two weeks.

My right knee is still swollen, but that's normal at this point. It will swell up for another couple of months or more, according to the physical therapists. It feels good internally. My range of motion is 130 degrees out of 140. My last function test had my right knee at about 85% (compared to my left knee). At 90% I will get released to jog longer distances. I may be cleared to return to sports in two months.

I am grateful to God for my progress. It's kind of amazing to me considering what my knee looked like on October 14 when I dislocated it and November 17 when the surgeon reconstructed it.

Will I return to playing with RPC United this summer? I assure you the answer to that question has more to do with the Mrs. than the Dr.


Woody Woodward said...

Them sure r’ peerty legs! Please take it easy on that bike.
So great to see you kneel down yesterday! What a sermon!

Perry said...

Pastor, it's funny to look at the picture you posted of yourself here, because you really look much thinner than anyone who only reads your blog could guess you are, after reading things that you posted about being overweight and out of shape, even before you were injured. Especially after all those months of laying around you did waiting for your leg to heal. You do look pretty fit. Just remember, though, I'm not sure where I'd heard or read this, but, don't forget, even if you can't see it, you still have a six-pack, it just may be hidden by a lot of flesh.

Reepicheep said...

Perry, it must be a good angle! I weigh 203 right now. That's lighter than I've been by quite a bit, but honestly, I'm a good 20 pounds over what I should be. All that said, the real issue for me is a sinful lack of control about food- that's my struggle. It tends to heavily (no pun intended) affect the weight issue.