Friday, February 11, 2011

First impressions about the 2012 presidential elections

I was doing my elliptical training workout earlier today admittedly longing for the snow to disappear so I can get on my new bike. I took in 45 minutes of a CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) recap.
I watched clips of Romney, Paul, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Santorum, and even Donald Trump. Ron Paul got the biggest ovation in the clips I watched. Some notable "conservatives" didn't show, like Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee.

I'm a conservative guy socially and fiscally- big surprise, I know. So far none of these people resonate with me. More significantly I can't see any of the current crowd defeating Obama in 2012. How do you like that?

I can see Pawlenty rising higher than he currently shows in polls, but I don't see him beating Obama. Obviously if the economy plummets in the next year, Lady Gaga could beat Obama. If things stay status quo and congressional republicans fail to reverse Obamacare and demonstrably slash spending, I'll bet you Obama gets re-elected.

Conservatives will have to do better than Romney, Huckabee, and even Pawlenty. Paul is the smartest of the bunch fiscally but too unrealistic on foreign policy and just doesn't garner enough widespread support.

Right now there's not a true conservative in the spotlight who can win in 2012.


christianlady said...

Any conservative governors out there? I'd vote for my conservative Rep, Mike Kiegerl, but he won't run for president...bummer.

Rick Calohan said...


I admit I was one of those who thought Hillary and the Clinton machine would trump Obama, but the DNC with it’s super delegates squashed the true nominee of their party by popular vote Hillary Clinton.

I guess you did not catch Donald Trump's speech.

Trump is right, Ron Paul will not win.

Trump is pro-life; he is against gun-control; and will fight against Obama-care; will not raise taxes; will collect 100 of billions of dollars from countries that are screwing us ( i.e. 25% tariffs on goods made in China); will create vast numbers of productive jobs; and will rebuild our country so that we will be proud; and our country will be great again. Sounds like a winner to me. Short of drafting you to run for POTUS who is your candidate and what would your candidate do for America?

Reepicheep said...

I caught parts of Trumps sales pitch...I mean..speech. I just don't trust the guy. He's an unabashed hedonist. Like I said, I don't see a candidate I can get excited about yet. If I do decide to run, you will be my campaign manager Rick!!

Brother Titus said...

For all that I like about Trump, I don't trust him. But, he seems genuinely angry with what Obama's doing to the country. But, Trump knows how to run a business. So, he could reverse Obama's nonsense. Trump was also a rowdy kid. So, his dad sent him away to a military high school, where he graduated. Thus, he has that important background, too. However, it's a surprise to me that he's prolife. I've never heard or read that about him.

Woody Woodward said...

You know, as much as I detest Mr. Trump’s Carl Peterson, Ted Turner ego, I think he would make a strong, don’t mess around with us president. He knows the ropes, and been around the hard horn, and failed and got back up several times. But like others have suggested, “can we trust him?” I really like the new, tell it like it is, Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. He’s one to watch for sure.