Thursday, February 10, 2011

This post by Ed Welch ticks me off!

But seriously folks, check out this post by Ed Welch, it's convicting. Here's a teaser from the first line of his post:

The problem with anger is that those who don’t have the problem take it to heart; those who are angry are confident in their right-ness and over time can become massively, utterly, completely deluded, blind and (this is no exaggeration) can feel quite good about themselves after bludgeoning someone close them, as if they have set the world aright. Arrgghh. I hate anger.


M. Jay Bennett said...

The title of this post raises an interesting question. If anger leads to delusion, and part of that delusion is believing one is right and others are wrong about something, and Ed Welch believes he's right and others are wrong about this, how do we know he's not just deluded because he's angry?

Woody Woodward said...

I loved the last thought he shared: “Lord, help us to recognize our anger and not be the “last to know” about it. Be merciful to us and give us power to show mercy.”
Over the past couple of years I feel the Lord has given me greater control over some areas of anger. When things don’t go as I expected, or when difficulties seem to cloud my vision of Who is really in charge, I have learned to step back, breathe deeply, confessing that He is sovereign and He is always in control.
But I must confess, I still struggle terribly, to the point of pure sinfulness with political anguish over the horrible sinfulness of those leading our country. Sometimes this fleshy sinfulness leads me to bitter thoughts of hate! And this aint from the Lord. “God help me control my anger, knowing that You are sovereign and You are the ruler over all mankind. You alone control all power and might. It is at Your discretion that men are great and given strength!”