Saturday, March 26, 2011

Griffin is Beast (yes, I said that right)

I just saw this on Sports Center and had to post it. Yes, basketball is still lame (is there a college tourney going on right now?), but Blake Griffin is beast (as they say).


Malcolm said...

Blake's uncle and I graduated from high school together and I know Blake's mom. Blake's dad is black and his mom is a stunning caucasion red head. Blake is just a beatiful hybrid of his parents. His dad coached him a Christian High school in the Oklahoma City are. He is a solid citizen with a strong Christian upbringing. What I love about him is that he doesn't fit the NBA tats, no posse, no bling. He just comes out and brings it. He is just what the NBA needs and I hope he becomes an icon in pro hoops.

Woody Woodward said...

Malc, I know you have told me about this young man, but sorry, having a senior moment. Refresh my memory of who the father and mother are?

Kampfgruppe-H said...

Me thinks you spend too much tine on basketball. Yes it's lame.